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Sherwood DVD Collection Review

About Sherwood DVD Collection

Sherwood DVD Collection claims to be a collector’s DVD set of four films that are inspirational as well as heartrending. Sherwood DVD Collection proclaims to have faith-building movies that focus on integrity, family, and the power … Read the rest

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Quiet-Storm Review


It’s a 10-CD compilation of 150 songs that create a special, romantic mood one would love to share withthat someone special. These are the songs which a hopeless romantic would reallydream about listening to into the night in the … Read the rest

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Pop Goes The 70s

What is Pop Goes The 70s:

It is a CD collection that promises to bring back the melodies and magic of 70s music into your living room.
Pop Goes The 70s brings you the best of music from the 70s … Read the rest

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Timelife Legendary Voices

About Timelife Legendary Voices

A collection of the most popular classic songs rendered by legends on CD sets. Brought to you by StarVista Entertainment/Time Life, the collection is available in two sets of CDs (150 songs on 10 CDs and … Read the rest

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Most Loved 50 Hymns

What is Most Loved 50 Hymns:

It is a 2 CD collection of hymns that can fill your life and days with a lot of positive energy.
Most Loved 50 Hymns has been put together for the benefit of listeners … Read the rest

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The Country Jukebox Collection

What is The Country Jukebox Collection – The Country Jukebox Collection is a series of greatest country songs that ruled in the 50’s through 80’s.

Relive history

The Country Jukebox Collection promises to bring back … Read the rest

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Dick Clark’s Jukebox Gems Review

Music has always been timeless be it a 100 year old or a day young melody and that’s what makes Dick Clark’s Jukebox Gems so special. The new generation is exposed to so much of choice when it comes to … Read the rest

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The Folk Years Collection Review

Folk music is truly beautiful and has a charm of its own. If you love it too, you mustn’t miss this gem of a collection of folk songs for anything. Time Life brings you The Folk Years Collection, the definitive … Read the rest