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Butter Express Review

What is Butter Express

It claims to be a butter dispenser that makes cutting butter easy as it simply dispenses a pat of butter with a single click of the switch. It helps in also measuring amount of butter used … Read the rest

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Swifty Sharp Review

What is Swifty Sharp

It is a cordless, motorized blade sharpener that promises to restore the edge of any blade within hardly any time.

Swifty Sharp maintains that now it’s possible to make sure the razor’s edge of any blade … Read the rest

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Stonewell Premium Review

What is Stonewell Premium

It is a set of baking trays that is 100% non stick and scratch resistant, according to its claims.

Stonewell Premium promises to bring you the flavours of traditional cooking thanks to its stone coating while … Read the rest

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Crispy Mate Review

What is Crispy Mate

As per the TV infomercial it is a cooking tray designed from a high-tech mesh that can help cook crispy food in microwaves, ovens or outside grills without the grease and oil.

Read the rest

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Dump cake Review

What are Dump Cakes?

Dump Cakes are mistake proof dessert recipes that makes delightful homemade dishes in just minutes. The Dump Cakes recipes allows all you busy mums and dads – stay at home or working – to make your … Read the rest

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Smart Skewers Review

What is it

– According to the TV ad, it is a skewer system that makes to get perfect kebabs in seconds to make meals fun, quick and easy. It assures to be great for non-vegetarian delights like chicken, shrimps … Read the rest

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CeraCraft Pans

What is CeraCraft

Scores of cookware flood the market and promise great cooking experience, durability, quality and more. If you want your cookware to have exceptionally stylish looks too, check out CeraCraft Pans, a range of contemporary cookware that will … Read the rest

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Terim Juicer Review

What is Terim Juicer

It is a sleek stainless steel juicer that claims to help you juice your favourite fruits and veggies with complete ease and convenience.

Terim Juicer stresses on the fact that now you can make delicious and … Read the rest

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Balzano Blender Review

What is Balzano Blender

: It is a high performance blender that promises to help you make anything, from soups to smoothies and sauces without any hassle.

Balzano Blender maintains that now your kitchen tasks will be a lot easier … Read the rest

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Slushy Magic Max Review

What is Slushy Magic Max

It claims to be a great way of making slushy quickly with any type of flavor right at home. It is bigger than regular cups so that one can enjoy a great, satisfying drink. It … Read the rest