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Emson Stick Blender Review

The Emson Stick Blender is ideal for blending healthy drinks and smoothies, and pureeing soups and sauces.


Emson Stick Blender

It features a plastic housing and a blade guard, high/low setting speed operation, and stainless steel blade. It also … Read the rest

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Mr. Lid Containers Review

Do you always find it a problem to look for the right lids to fit your storage container? They are either too big, too small, or you just can’t find a lid at all. Here’s introducing Mr. Lid, an amazing … Read the rest

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Power Cooker Review

Nothing beats the fun of having a full course meal with the entire family. But the preparations required for the entire cooking process can put you off. The number of items to be cooked and the various numbers of utensils … Read the rest

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Roly Rack Review

It is always frustrating and difficult to dry off utensils in the kitchen once they are washed in the kitchen sink. Drying them in an open space is always a fuss and not an option in a space constrained kitchen. … Read the rest

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Cupcake Secret Review

You dear ones love cake and you love baking it for them as much. So how about serving a surprise hidden inside a cake the next time? If you’re game for adding something extra for your folks, try the amazing … Read the rest

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Better Beater Review

Whipping and beating with a regular beater can be really painful way to get the perfect smoothie or cream. Firstly you will never get the perfect mix and secondly the damage to the wrist is high with all the painstaking … Read the rest

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Magic Tap Review

Pouring from large bottles and milk jugs can be seriously messy because of their size. Handling such bottles is especially difficult for both kids and elders in the house. You would love to help but cannot be there all the … Read the rest

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Starfrit Easy Mandoline Review

Do you often face difficulties while slicing vegetables or grating the perfect topping to garnish a delicious recipe? Is getting the right kind of dicing of vegetables and fruits in the salad bowl a mighty task? A single person maintaining … Read the rest

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Press Dome Review

Today as there’s a growing demand on our time given our busy schedules you need a helping hand in the kitchen. It’s particularly true when it comes to task of prepping and serving, which is hugely simplified by Press Dome. … Read the rest