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Hurom Slow Juicer

What is Hurom Slow Juicer – It is a ground-breaking slow juicer that provides more nutritious juice extraction than conventional fast juicers.

Health booster

Hurom Slow Juicer promises to be a unique juicer that uses … Read the rest

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Sammic Shaper

What is Sammich Shaper – It is an amazing way to shape and cut regular sandwiches into shapes that kids would love to eat.

Say no to boring

Sammich Shaper promises to provide more than … Read the rest

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Orgreenic Everyday Pan Review

What is Orgreenic Everyday Pan – Orgreenic Everyday Pan is an extra large cooking pan with taller sides and slippery ceramic to prevent spills and sticking.


Orgreenic Everyday Pan promises to eliminate cooking catastrophes like food spilling out of … Read the rest

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Fresh Mex Express

What is Fresh Mex Express – It is a chopping and mixing device that can give you salsa, guacamole, and other dips in a few second.

One device to chop, mix and serve

Fresh Mex … Read the rest

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Magic Apron Review

What is Magic Apron – It is an amazing apron that can be simply put on without the hassle of tying like ordinary ones.

Easier to wear

Magic Apron is apparently one unique apron that … Read the rest

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Ninja Ultima Blender Review

What is Ninja Ultima Blender: It is a powerful blender that is packed with features making it more efficient than several others in the market.

Ninja Ultima Blender promises to help you with your regular blending chores without any hassle. … Read the rest

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Nova Pan

What is Nova Pan – A new age cookware, which is engineered to make cooking delicious meal an easy chore.

Cooking it right

Nova Pan claims to help cook food in the most convenient and … Read the rest

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Corner Colander

What is Corner Colander – A strainer that eliminates the hassles of a regular strainer and provides healthy separation of food items.


Revolutionary design

Corner Colander claims to be the most unique way in which veggies and other food … Read the rest

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Bake Buddies

What is Bake Buddies? – Bake Buddies are Cake Molds that can be used to turn an ordinary cake into a 3D creature.

Bring life to cakes

Bake Buddies claims that it is one new … Read the rest