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Art & Cuisine Stone Pans

What is Art & Cuisine Stone:

It is stone coated cookware that helps you cook precisely and without a lot of hassle.


Art & Cuisine Stone is meant to be of great aid to passionate home chefs who want … Read the rest

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Smart Touch Can Opener

What is Smart Touch Can Opener:

It is a can opener that helps you do the job without any mess or pain.


Smart Touch Can Opener is said to offer you the easiest way to open a can, bottle … Read the rest

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Hamilton Beach SaladXpress Food Processor

What is SaladXpress:

The all new SaladXpress from Hamilton Beach is a compact, easy to use and convenient food processor that claims to make fresh, healthy and tasty salads faster and easier than ever before. SaladXpress is great to use … Read the rest

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JML Go Chef Quick Chips

French Fries at home

If you love French fries then here is a chip cutter that will help you make those crunchy fries at home. JML Go Chef Quick Chips is a chip cutter that is quick and easy to … Read the rest

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New Yolker

What is New Yolker: It is an egg yolk remover that’s meant to do the job easily and quickly.


New Yolker is supposed to help you have the healthy egg whites while you remove yolks easily. We like eating … Read the rest

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Jet Fryer

What is Jet Fryer: It offers you the way to enjoy all your favourite fried foods without the need for oil, butter or grease.


Vitagy Jet Fryer claims to help you eat healthy while you also indulge in your … Read the rest

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Grease Genie Strainer

What is Grease Genie Strainer – It is the most effective solution to remove grease from food items without any mess.

Get rid of grease with ease

Grease Genie Strainer promises to be a state-of-the-art … Read the rest

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Pop Top Jar Opener

What is Pop Top – It is a latest jar opener as seen on tv. The perfectly easy way to open up even the most tightly screwed jars by popping out their lids in an instant.

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Nuwave 2 Personal Induction Cooktop

What is Nuwave 2 Induction Cooktop (PIC2) – It is a new-age energy-saving cooktop that cooks in half the time and prevents accidents in the kitchen.

The smartest and safest cooktop

Nuwave PIC 2 Induction … Read the rest

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Sonic Pan

What is Sonic Pan – It is a new ceramic cooking pan which emits ultrasonic vibrations with the switch of a button to prevent food from sticking on surface.

Revolutionary non-stick pan

Sonic Pan is … Read the rest