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Bistro Bib

What is Bistro Bib

A dining napkin that provides protection against stains and spills on clothes from dripping oil or dropping food while eating. It tucks around the neck neatly and covers one from the neck to the lap.

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Cutting Corner

What is Cutting Corner:

It is an instant addition to your countertop so that you have more space and can get on with your cutting and chopping with ease.
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Stonewave Cookbook

What is Stonewave Cookbook:

It is a cookbook that gives you access to plenty of recipes that can be made any time of the day in a matter of minutes.
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Super Juicy Burger Pan

What is Super Juicy Burger Pan:

It is a specially designed pan that claims to help you make juicy and succulent burgers.
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Handy Delite

What is Handy Delite

It is a set of moulds for making pasties that is easy to use and gives perfectly-shaped and unbroken treats every time to make home-made pasties seem like they are from a bakery.

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Rank Arena Air Fryer

What is Rank Arena Family Size Air Fryer?

It is a smart multi-functional air fryer that helps you prepare delicious and healthy food and also performs a range of cooking functions.


Innovative and versatile

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Go Chef Stand Mixer

What is Go Chef Stand Mixer

It is a heavy duty mixer that claims to help you create big batches of dough, cakes, creams and a whole lot more.
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Slush Genie

What is Slush Genie

It is an instant slush maker that helps making fanstastic Slushie in no time without the need of having a blender and ice.

Tasty Slushie on the go

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Steam Dome

What is Steam Dome:

It is a microwave dome that promises to turn your leftovers into gourmet dishes.
Steam Dome claims to offer respite to those who are tired of chucking away leftovers or food that becomes very dry for … Read the rest

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Fusion Booster REVIEW

What is Fusion Booster?
A perfect companion to the Fusion Juicer, the Fusion Booster is a sleek yet powerful blender that gives you super healthy and nutritious drinks that you can carry with you on the go. Designed with a … Read the rest