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Kleva Chef Review

What is Kleva Chef

It is claimed to be a kitchen accessory that suffices the need of every kitchen with its unique design. A perfect tool for left and right handed individuals, it has the ability to easily slice, peel, … Read the rest

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BBQ NU Review

What is BBQ NU

According to the TV ad claims BBQ NU is a grill cleaning solution that cleans them in an instant without the need of scrubbing. Its cleaning solution and bag works together to provide a new-like feel … Read the rest

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ICEE Fun Machine

What is ICEE Fun Machine

It is a simple to use machine that promises to let you make delicious frozen treats in a matter of minutes.
ICEE Fun Machine claims that it can turn any time into a fun, treat … Read the rest

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Burrito Perfect

What is Burrito Perfect?

It is a foldable and versatile device that helps you wrap perfect burritos in three steps. It is a simple and mess-free way to fold stuffed tortilla packed with any ingredient neatly.

Read the rest

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Marshmallow Puff Pop

What is Marshmallow Puff Pop:

It is a simple kitchen tool that promises to help you make delicious treats for your kids in hardly any time.
Marshmallow Puff Pop assures you a simple and quick way of making mouth watering … Read the rest

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Big Boss Juicer

A top quality juicer is practically indispensible for all kitchens. And it’s particularly true for our times where we put a lot of emphasis on healthy eating. But good quality juicers that are reasonably priced are hard to come by. … Read the rest

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JML Microwave Hot Pot

What is JML Microwave Hot Pot?

It is a non-stick cooking pot featuring a special steam release chimney that helps you easily prepare delicious meals and snacks when placed in your microwave.

Amazing microwave exclusive… Read the rest

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Provita Nutrition Maximizer Blender

What is Provita Nutrition Maximizer Blender

It is a blender that claims to help you extract the best out of all the healthy and nutritious foods.
Provita Nutrition Maximizer Blender promises to help you with your resolve to eat healthy … Read the rest

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Slip Stone Pan Review

Benefits of Slip Stone Pan (In Theory)

According to the Slip Stone review, unlike ceramic cookware you can use knife to cut vegetable in the Slip Stone pan. Slip Stone pan review also claims that it can hold heat well … Read the rest