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Perfect Waffle Review

How does Perfect Waffle work?

Do you have a passion for cooking and want to make new and exciting things in the kitchen every time you set your foot in it? Do you want to express your love for your … Read the rest

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FusionBlade Review

What is FusionBlade

It is a personal blender from Black and Decker that claims to help you make your chosen drinks in a matter of minutes and without any hassle.

FusionBlade assures you that it can be the perfect addition … Read the rest

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De’longhi Dedica Review

What is De’longhi Dedica:

It is a pump espresso machine that claims to offer you a delicious cup of espresso or cappuccino every single time.

De’longhi Dedica asserts that it brings that professional quality coffee experience into your homes. There … Read the rest

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Cone Cooker Review

What is Cone Cooker

As per the TV commercial it’s a cooker that helps in cooking food in the old school slow cooking style. It uses indirect heat at a lower intensity to simmer food in a way that it … Read the rest

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All Open Can Opener Review

What is All Open Can Opener

All Open Can Opener is a can opener that claims to open practically every kind of container whether jam jars, beer bottles, screw cap cola bottles or wine corks. All Open Can Opener assures … Read the rest

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Kitchen Keeper Review

About Kitchen Keeper

Kitchen Keeper alleges to be an organizer for your kitchen drawer that lets you keep your utensils and kitchen accessories neat and well-organized. With its adjustable and replaceable dividers, Kitchen Keeper assures to hold utensils and gadgets … Read the rest

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Crispy Wave Review

What is Crispy Wave

The infomercial states that it is a microwave wrap that browns your food to perfection in the microwave. It asserts to be very easy to use and can give perfectly crisp chicken, meats, popcorn and pastries … Read the rest

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Hide Away Cable Organizer Review

What is Hide Away Cable Organizer

The TV ad states that it is a smart way to manage your many cables neatly and keep them organized. It proclaims to accommodate any size of power strips, adapter and protectors

Read the rest

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Cerafit Granite Pans Review

What is Cerafit Granite Pans

As per the TV advertisement it is claimed to be a 7 pc set of pans that are made from high-quality cerafit granite that is durable, non-sticky and scratch resistant.

Read the rest

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Fabrique Heatware Bread Warmer Review

What is Fabrique Heatware Bread Warmer?

Fabrique Heatware Bread Warmer is a foldable warming technology that proclaims to keep your baked breads and dinner rolls piping hot for up to four hours. Fabrique Heatware Bread Warmer asserts that you just … Read the rest