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SmartCone Splatter Guard REVIEW

About SmartCone Splatter Guard

It is an open design pot and pan topper that guarantees to stop stove top splatters and boil overs.

SmartCone Splatter Guard CLAIMS

Simply add it to the top of the … Read the rest

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Veggetti Power REVIEW

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About Veggetti Power

It claims to be an electric version of the manual vegetable spiralizer that makes delicious healthy spaghetti in three different shapes – thick, thin, and ribbon. Veggetti Power promises to be an powerful, easy-to-use, … Read the rest

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Crimpwich REVIEW

What is Crimpwich?

Crimpwich claims to cut, crimp and seal sandwiches to give you perfect crustless pocket sandwiches!


How does it work?

Crimpwich is very simple and easy to use! Just cut, crimp, and … Read the rest

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Cuisinart Precision Master REVIEW

What is Cuisinart Precision Master? – It is a sophisticated mixer that functions with 12 different speeds for ‘precision mixing’ of ingredients for great results. Precision Mixing for Incredible Recipes – Cuisinart Precision Master guarantees to make the boring chore … Read the rest

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Copper Chef Bakeware REVIEW

What is Copper Chef Bakeware?

It is a12-piece non-stick bakeware set one can finely bake cake, brownies, loaves, cookies, even lasagna and more in. Copper Chef Bakeware is an all-in-one bakeware set which claims to cater to your baking needs … Read the rest

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Red Steam Express REVIEWS

What is Red Steam Express?

The Red Steam Express is a portable 2-in-1 iron and steamer designed to smooth and eliminate wrinkles fast and easy! With the Red Steam Express your clothes will be wrinkle-free in just seconds.


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NutriInfusion 700 and 218 REVIEW

What is NutriInfusion 700

It claims to be a powerful nutrient extractor that makes healthy drinks while retaining all the goodness in fruits, vegetables, skins, seeds, and nuts.

What is NutriInfusion 218

As per the TV infomercial it is a … Read the rest