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About Gemmies

Gemmies is a design studio with crystals and rings that lets you make different creations to decorate and even wear as bracelets or anklets.



How does it work

Using the templates and tools of the starter … Read the rest

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Lobes o’ Fun

About Lobes o’ Fun – It’s a kit that contains an array of material to make thousands of customized earrings at home. Lobes o’ Fun is a kit with having a large number of material like beads, hooks , studs … Read the rest

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Lord’s Prayer Pendant Review

How does Lord’s Prayer Pendant Work?

Recent times have been tough for many and we have been trying to grapple with issues in our personal and professional lives. Or we know of people close to us who are going through … Read the rest

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Diamond Z4 Eternity

What is Diamond Z4 Eternity

A diamond ring made of simulated diamond forged in a sterling silver plate setting that looks exactly like a real diamond ring and costs just a fraction. One cannot tell the difference when it is … Read the rest

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Jewel Lox

What is Jewel Lox:

They are earring backs that claim to keep your ear rings in place so that you never lose them.
Jewel Lox offers you the advantage of keeping your ear rings safe and protected as long as … Read the rest

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Bella York Collection

What is Bella York Collection?

A three-piece jewelry set that includes combined 2.55 carat Cubic Zirconia, a sterling silver cable link chain, and Cubic Zarconia 4-prong earrings. It looks the same as a diamond set and comes at fraction of … Read the rest

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Perfect Clasp

What is Perfect Clasp? –

It is a magnetic jewelry clasp that helps you fasten and secure your necklace and bracelet without hooks or clips.


Ensures your jewelry’s always safe and secure

Perfect Clasp seems to … Read the rest

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What is a Bling Wrap

They are technologically advanced invisible ring guards that adjust your ring and will keep it in its place. This innovative solution to ring resizing helps keep you’re stunning stones on top, and stop them from … Read the rest

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Glowz Earrings

What is Glowz – They are a pair of earrings that glow in the night with their LED lights and can be turned off during the day to be worn as regular studs.

Earrings that … Read the rest

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Jewelry Magic

What is Jewelry Magic – A jewelry renewing pad that restores the shine to any jewelry and makes it look brand new.

Restores your jewelry’s shine and gets rid of imperfection

If you are tired … Read the rest