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Simple Press

What is Simple Press

It is an ironing board which unlike regular boards comes with a split design and a 360 degree rotate function that help making the process of ironing garments easy.


Easy ironing no longer a dream:

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Under Drawers

What are Under Drawers:

They are stylish and sturdy drawers that claim to help you get additional storage space in your homes.
Under Drawers promise to offer a way around the space constraints you are dealing with in your interior … Read the rest

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What is Shambibby

It is an innovative shammy baby bib made out of revolutionary material from Germany that is super absorbent, natural and reusable for feeding the kids without the mess.

The best bib ever:… Read the rest

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Secret Salon Cabinet Organizer

What is Secret Salon Cabinet Organizer

It is a styling rack that promises to keep all your styling tools well organized.
Secret Salon Cabinet Organizer guarantees you that from now on you can keep your styling tools neatly organized as … Read the rest

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Clever Crates

What is Clever Crates

It is revolutionary stackable crate that is designed to fold easily and pops up to hold items up to 20 pounds easily for a carefree lifting while shopping or organizing.

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What is Hang-A-Bunch:

It is a six in one hanger that claims to let you have more space in your closet.
Hang-A-Bunch has been created with the aim of making things tidier in your closet, according to its claims. How … Read the rest

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What is CordoClip:

It is a 100% automatic clothespin that claims to help you dry your clothes naturally and easily as well.
CordoClip ensures that you can dry your washing easily outdoors and get utmost convenience at the same time. … Read the rest

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Curtain Express

What is Curtain Express:

They are brackets that are meant to be easy to install and claim to offer you the fastest way to hang curtains.
Curtain Express is meant to offer respite for homeowners who want to do up … Read the rest

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Magic Ottoman

What is Magic Ottoman?

It’s a portable ottoman that collapses into a compact cushion form when not in use. Otherwise it can be used for sitting and even storing items inside its ingenious design.


Portable ottoman:

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Mighty Movers Furniture Sliders

What is Mighty Movers Furniture Sliders?

It is a simple cost effective tool that can slide very heavy furniture over many surfaces without scratching, scraping, or damaging the surface. If moving furniture’s has been a nightmare for you or the … Read the rest