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Handy Eyes Review

What is it?

If you have to wear glasses because of your eyesight then you know you just can’t do without them. You might need them when you want to read a book or newspaper or while lounging at home … Read the rest

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NEET Review

What is NEET

As per the TV Infomercial it is a cable keeper that helps neatly keep the regular cables of smart devices and hard drives. It helps in keeping the cables from tangling and holds its shape while protecting … Read the rest

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Snackeez Duo

What is Snackeez Duo?

Snackeez Duo claims to be a 2-in-1 snack and drink cup that is recyclable and lightweight so that you can use it as a party-ready beverage and snack container. Snackeez Duo assures to come in a … Read the rest

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Furniture Feet

What is Furniture Feet?

Furniture Feet are stretchable furniture boots to protect your flooring as well as the legs of your furniture from getting scratched or damaged. Furniture Feet not only help in reducing the scratches, but also eliminate those … Read the rest

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Hercules Hook Review

What is Hercules Hook?

Hercules Hook claims to be a specially-designed hook that proves to be the most convenient accessory that allows you to hang just about anything. Hercules Hook asserts that you do not need any hardware tools or … Read the rest

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Clever Bags

What are Clever Bags

They are shopping bags that claim to clip to your cart and not spill in your trunk.
Clever Bags maintain that they are a sensible option for you when you go out shopping for your supplies. … Read the rest

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Sponge Plunge

What is Sponge Plunge

It is a convenient storage system for your kitchen sponge that claims to keep it sanitized and odour free as well.
Sponge Plunge maintains that it can offer respite to home owners who want to make … Read the rest

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Holiday Light Saver

What is Holiday Light Saver

It is a packing and storage solution that claims to be simple and convenient to put away your holiday lights.
Holiday Light Saver promises to be a smart solution for practically anyone who has struggled … Read the rest

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What is Snackeez

It is said to be a convenient snacking solution that can hold your favourite drinks and snacks at the same time.
Snackeez claims to have been designed to help you carry your chosen beverages and snacks in … Read the rest

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TV Time Tray

What is TV Time Tray

It is a 13-inch long tray that can hold large amounts of food easily and replace as many as five dishes so that you can comfortably eat your meals while watching TV with your family. … Read the rest