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Immuno Gum Review

What is Immuno Gum

It is a gum that claims to offer you additional immunity support, which can have a huge impact on your overall wellbeing.

Immuno Gum stresses on the fact that now you have a gum that you … Read the rest

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2 Weeks to a Tighter Tummy Review

What is 2 Weeks to a Tighter Tummy

It claims to be a revolutionary program that utilizes Dr. Darden’s easy to follow step-by-step fitness and nutrition system. It hires a high-carb, low-fat meal plan and super hydration to give amazing … Read the rest

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Nailgenic Review

What is Nailgenic

It is anti fungal nail treatment set that offers you respite easily and quickly, according to its claims.

Nailgenic maintains that now it’s possible to keep your nails in the best possible shape and look after them … Read the rest

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Calnetics Corn Treatment Review

What is Calnetics Corn Treatment

It is a quick and easy to use corn treatment that claims to offer you relief without causing any pain.

Calnetics Corn Treatment assures you respite from the painful corn problem that many of us … Read the rest

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Copper Wear Tape Review

What is Copper Wear Tape

It claims to be a set of copper-infused tape that has a fabric that is ultra-comfortable for supporting various parts of the body while performing different activities. It comes with an adhesive and can be … Read the rest

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Miracle Socks Review

What are Miracle Socks?

Miracle Socks are compression socks that promise to help energize your achy and sore feet and legs. Miracle Socks claim that they provide relief to your legs and feet due to the graduated compression feature that … Read the rest

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Hot Belt Review

What is Hot Belt?

Hot Belt is a sauna belt that that will help you burn up to eighty seven percent more calories. The Hot Belt can be worn under your regular clothes and at any point of time in … Read the rest

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Bye Bye Bunion Review

What is it

The infomercial states that it’s a foot sleeve that provides relief from the burning pain and pressure of bunions. It convinces to be wearable with any shoes and under socks, stockings and tights. It asserts that one … Read the rest

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Gymform Copper Line

What is Gymform Copper Line

It claims to be copper lined compression sleeves created to support the joints and help the body recover from exertion, soreness or injury. It is available for knee, elbow and ankle regions. Gymform Copper Line … Read the rest

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Copper Step Insoles

What is Copper Step

They are copper infused insoles that claim to revitalize your feet with ease. Copper Step assures you that now you can give your feet that much needed relief with a simple addition to your shoes. Copper … Read the rest