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Copper Fit Wrist Relief Review

About Copper Fit Wrist Relief

Copper Fit Wrist Relief claims to be a wrist support brace that stabilizes the muscles and joints in the wrists to relieve pain. With Copper Fit Wrist Relief you are assured to get relief from … Read the rest

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Back Marvel Review

What is Back Marvel?

Back Marvel claims to be a pain therapy belt specifically targeted to offer relief from agonizing back pain. This belt has been developed by doctors on a technology based on TENS therapy which stands for Transcutaneous … Read the rest

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Dr. Dosage Review

What is Dr. Dosage –

It claims to be an easy dispensing system that helps in organizing medications per time and day for elders. It helps in keeping a tab on the medication and not miss any.


Timely medication

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ALCiS Pain Reliever Review

About ALCiS Pain Reliever

ALCiS Pain Reliever proclaims to be a patented topical cream that helps in getting rid of various types of pains associated with joints and muscles. It claims to be a possible alternative with its ingenious formula … Read the rest

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Back Bubble REVIEW

About Back Bubble

Back Bubble is a medical multi-positional stretching device that promises to bring relief from lower back pain almost immediately. Back Bubble declares to be so effective that it can relieve up to 99% back pain. Whether it … Read the rest

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Posture Slim

What is Posture Slim

As per the infomercial it is a unique belt that is designed to provide spine alignment for ladies. Apart from correcting the posture it also helps in looking slimmer.

Posture Slim … Read the rest

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2PM Boost

What is 2PM Boost

It claims to be a powerful energy drink that helps in refreshing and supplying energy to beat post-afternoon dullness. It has micro nutrients with Vitamin B-12 that can be made fresh as opposed to other energy … Read the rest

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Quiet Assure REVIEW

What is Quiet Assure – Quiet Assure claims to be a homeopathic medicine that brings relief from the problem of tinnitus. Quiet Assure promises to do away with all noises associated with the condition whether it is ringing, cracking, roaring, … Read the rest

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Gymform Copper Line Back Review

What is Gymform Copper Line Back:

It is a copper infused belt that uses compression therapy and promises to support your back while offering relief from pain.

Gymform Copper Line Back assures you adequate back support so that you don’t … Read the rest

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Dr. A’s Bunion Sleeve Review

About Dr. A’s Bunion Sleeve

Dr. A’s Bunion Sleeve claims to be an in-shoe foot sleeve that gets rid of pain and pressure on bunions. Dr. A’s Bunion Sleeve proclaims to be made with light and breathable fabric that will … Read the rest