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EFX Wristband Reviews and Complaints

Do you want to improve your balance, strength and flexibility, and that too instantly? You can now experience the effects of EFX Performance that has been designed to give you energy and at the same time improve your performance, along … Read the rest

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Easy Feet Review

How do you clean your feet? You bend, stretch and you can’t reach! Keeping your tired feet young looking is such a chore! But not anymore! Stop doing that one-legged dance in that bath tub and stop ignoring your feet. … Read the rest

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BugBand Wristband Reviews and Complaints

Spending time outdoors with friends and family is what warm weather is all about. But summer time can also be full of buzzing insects and biting pests, it does not matter if you are playing outside with kids or gardening, … Read the rest

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iRenew Bracelet Review


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Let’s face it, we all have times when we feel weak and rundown due the the stressful lives we live. Now regaining your strength and feeling renewed was as easy as wearing the … Read the rest

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Scrape It Callus Remover Review

Are you tired of calluses and corns on your hands and feet?..Introducing Scrape It the first product in the world that will leave your hands and feet free of calluses forever. Gain back those soft and beautiful feet again in … Read the rest

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BackJoy Core Reviews and Complaints

Back pain strikes, your neck aches, your lower back throbs, even your nerve sends stinging pain down your legs, whether its an old injury from an accident, sitting all day at the job or just aches and pains that happen … Read the rest

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LipiGesic M Review

Do you think you get headaches or migraines? Headaches are annoying, Migraines are intense, disabling and triggered by lights, noises and even smells. Headache pills are not effective on migraines, Introducing LipiGesic M the new medicine that is just for … Read the rest

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SpineDok Review

What is SpineDok

Do you suffer from neck, shoulder and back pain? pain that makes you difficult to do even the simplest things, pain that affects the quality of your life…not anymore. Introducing the revolutionary new as seen on tv … Read the rest