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Da Vinci Ascent Vaporizer

About Da Vinci Ascent Vaporizer
Da Vinci Ascent Vaporizer Bundle is a combination of both luxury and portability in one. The Da Vinci Vaporizer Bundle is a combination of rich features with rugged portability making it perfect for the outdoor … Read the rest

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Prorise Seat Assist Review

About ProRise

ProRise states to be an aide that helps people with physical limitations sit in a seat or chair and stand up again independently and with ease. The contraption proclaims to strap on to the seat or chair and … Read the rest

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Copper Fit Energy Socks

What is Copper Fit Energy Socks

– As per the infomercial it is an energy sock that can be worn like regular socks to compress the legs, increase circulation and reduces swelling.


Keep your feet fit

Copper Fit Energy … Read the rest

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Get Up and Go Cane Review

What is Get up and Go Cane?

If you often struggle to stand up from a sitting position then what you need is the all new Get Up and Go Cane. The Get Up and Go Cane is an incredible … Read the rest

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Cerebral Charge Review

What is Cerebral Charge

The television commercial claims that it is an oral supplement that is scientifically formulated to support and enhance memory, focus and attention and stimulate production of acetylcholine, a primary neurotransmitter that increases mental alertness.



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Ximatone Review

What is Ximatone?

It is a skin brightening treatment comprising a fade gel for fighting ageing, a brightening moisturizer for glowing skin and a daily moisturizer matte finish for protecting skin from damage. Ximatone, a Sheer Science Skincare innovation, is … Read the rest

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Pedi Pals Review

What are Pedi Pals?

Made from highly flexible and comfortable material, Pedi Pals are toe separators that help you apply nail polish perfectly and are also therapeutically useful for those who wear high heels regularly.


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Stepluxe Insoles

About Stepluxe Insoles

Stepluxe Insoles claims to be a discreet gel pad that works with any type of footwear to relieve and prevent foot sole pain.


How does it work


Stepluxe Insoles allegedly needs to be simply placed … Read the rest

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Twin Grip Cane

What is Twin Grip Cane

It is a two handled cane that promises to offer you more leverage so that you can get up on your own without any stress or strain. Twin Grip Cane guarantees you complete independence while … Read the rest