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Dr Ginigers Gum Rejuvenator

What is Dr. Giniger’s Gum Rejuvenator? – It is an innovative solution that maintains the health of your when rubbed on gums.

Effective way to protect your gums

We pay attention to the health of … Read the rest

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Zvelt Diet Patch

What is Zvelt – It is a tiny diet patch that lets you lose weight without going through the pains of crash diets, pills or strenuous workouts.

Scientifically formulated and high performance diet patch

Zvelt … Read the rest

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Vacu Ear Info and Review

What is Vacu Ear? – It is a battery operated ear cleaner that can be used at home to clean ears safely.

Effective and hygienic way to clean ears

Vacu Ear guarantees that it’s the … Read the rest

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Volo Vitamins

What is Volo Vitamins – A super vitamin pack that consists of all the nutrients that are required in the complete development of a child.

Formula for every child

Volo Vitamins promises to be quite … Read the rest

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What is uTouch?

uTouch is a handy twin touch point technology tool that relieves you of pain with gentle painkilling vibrations emitted from its tips.

Revolutionary technology that eliminates pain easily, gently and externally

uTouch … Read the rest

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What is it – CobraZol is a roll on topical gel application that promises relief from pain. As it states, it can be used effectively without a prescription.

Chronic pain in different part of the body can be treated with … Read the rest

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Fungus-Be-Gone Review

The perfect way to reduced nail fungus

Fungus-Be-Gone is the new antifungal liquid that claims to protect your nails from nail fungus and also keep them in great shape. Nail fungus is a rather common problem that most people face. … Read the rest

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SureSonic Toothbrush by Remington

What is SureSonicAn electric toothbrush that delivers 31000 oscillations per minute to clean your tetth in just 2 minutes.

Supersonic technology

SureSonic Toothbrush by Remington is a revolutionary toothbrush that uses supersonic technology to make your teeth look … Read the rest

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ThinIn7 by Paul McKenna

Who doesn’t want to lose those extra kilos and get into a great shape? You understand that it’s important for your overall wellbeing and self esteem as well. But often it involves rigorous workouts and difficult diet plans that can … Read the rest

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Soothing Wrap

Our lives have become incredibly stressful today and it takes a toll on our body. Many of us have noticed issues like shoulder and back pain, which can become the bane of our existence. But that doesn’t mean you have … Read the rest