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Reduxelle Plus Femme

What is Reduxelle Plus Femme?

A body sculpting system in intensive night cream form that you need to apply just before going to bed. It works overnight by penetrating the skin and targeting the difficult flabby areas to wash the … Read the rest

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About Stepluxe Slippers

They are anti-fatigue gel slippers that provide relief and rejuvenation to your feet. They come with shock absorbing gel soles that mould to the shape of your feet.


Revolutionary comfort for your feet

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Flotrol Natural Bladder Control

What is Flotrol Natural Bladder Control:

It is an all natural way of getting bladder support, especially for mature adults.
Flotrol Natural Bladder Control has been created with the needs of mature adults in mind. Overactive bladder can become the … Read the rest

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What is BioAstin?

It is a dietary supplement endowed with antioxidant activity. Taken as gel caps, BioAstin enhances muscle and joint health, provides relief from aches, soreness and stiffness and improves health.


No more stiffness and

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Thermal Aid Headache Relief System

What is Thermal Aid Headache Relief System: It is an all natural system that can offer you respite from tension and migraine headaches.


Thermal Aid Headache Relief System is said to bring to you a clinically proven formula that … Read the rest

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BeLeaf Multi-Phytamin

A complete Multivitamin Supplement

Multi-Phytamin is designed with your total well-being in mind. A multivitamin supplement containing a full array of vitamins and minerals, trace minerals, micronutrients, herbs, and whole food phytonutrients Multi-Phytamin promises to ensure that you don’t expose … Read the rest

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Primitif Care

What is Primitif Care – It is a range of personal and health care oils that take ingredients from pure, primitive, natural and organic farming globally.

All purpose and safe to use

Primitif Care claims … Read the rest

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Jidue Facial Massager

What is Jidue: It’s a facial massager and night time mask that brings the best of acupuncture and massage so that you can relax and unwind.


Jidue is meant to help you unwind at night and get sensational benefits. … Read the rest

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Ankle Angel

What is Ankle Angel? – It is a new zip up compression sleeve that is designed to provide relief from foot fatigue, swelling and discomfort while maintaining the overall well-being of foot and ankle.

Bid … Read the rest