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Amazing Reach Cane REVIEW

About Amazing Reach Cane

The Amazing Reach Cane promises to be a super sturdy yet lightweight, dual-handled adjustable quad cane with a reach and grab extension arm to give you a helping hand when you need it.


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Copperfit Foot Relief REVIEW

About Copperfit Foot Relief

Copperfit Foot Relief claims to be a contoured, graduated, and zoned compression sleeve designed to recover and relieve muscle and joint soreness. It promises to offer supreme support and relief to foot stress and strains. This … Read the rest

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Silk’n SonicSmile Sonic Toothbrush REVIEW

About Silk’n SonicSmile – Silk’n SonicSmile proclaims to be an efficient sonic toothbrush that helps in removing plaque, making gums healthier, and teeth visibly whiter for a total dental hygiene.


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Stable 26 Stability Socks

What is Stable 26

It claims to be performance footwear that stabilizes the feet and relieve pain. It states to have technologically advanced soft silicone stabilizing pads in the medial and lateral region to reduce pain in 26 bones. Stable … Read the rest

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Better Booty Pillow REVIEW

About Better Booty Pillow

Better Booty Pillow assures to be a posture pillow that aligns pelvis and spine, corrects posture, and keeps bottom firm to prevent back and leg pain from long hours of sitting. The microtube technology of Better … Read the rest

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Tranquilo Mat

What is it?

The Tranquilo Mat is a vibrating soothing mat designed to provide comfort and soothe your baby in the stroller, crib, or while you are on the go! The Tranquilo Mat assists a baby’s transition from a mother’s … Read the rest

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Copper Relief

What is Copper Relief?

Copper Relief asserts to be an adhesive compression tape that gives power relief to the knee. It claims to work instantly. It alleges that if one is forty then the pressure put on knee joints has … Read the rest

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Copper Fit BALANCE

What is Copper Fit BALANCE?

Copper Fit BALANCE are a set of performance orthotic insoles designed to improve stability, posture and alignment providing relief from aches and pains by correctly aligning the body to give more support. Copper Fit BALANCE … Read the rest

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Slim Lens REVIEW

What is Slim Lens? – It claims to be an innovative thin reading glasses that are easy to carry and durable. Slim Lens proclaims to be a superb pair of glasses that helps view everything clearly. It comes in +1.5, … Read the rest

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Copper Fit Gripper Socks REVIEW

What is Copper Fit Gripper Socks – It claims to be copper-infused socks that provide maximum footing on hardwood floors with the help of silicone grips. Copper Fit Gripper Socks claims to be a superior pair of socks that work … Read the rest