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WalkFit Premium

What is WalkFit Premium

These are shoe inserts that align your spine and pelvic area to bring you relief from pain in the foot, knee, hip and back. It also gives you stability, odor protection and extra cushioning with a … Read the rest

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Super Springz

What is Super Springz?

It is a new shoe insole with 12 cushioned springs that reduce pain in feet, ankles and knees. Made with high-quality steel springs, Super Springz can apparently be inserted into any shoes.

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Copper Fit Compression Sleeves

What is Copper Fit

They are compression sleeves that claim to offer you relief from pain, sore knees and elbows.

Copper Fit Compression Sleeves are meant to have benefits for professional athletes, who tend to experience stiffness and soreness in … Read the rest

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What is Estrinol

It is an herbal formula that is clinically proven in relieving 8 of the most common menopausal symptoms like hot flashes, sleep disorders, muscle and joint discomfort, etc.

Fight Menopause Symptoms Naturally:… Read the rest

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What is Thera-X?

It is a revolutionary new age roll-on pain relief gel that directly targets the area that is hurting and relieves the pain for many hours.


Get rid of pain:

Thera-X apparently is the most effective pain … Read the rest

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What is ArisiTol?

It is a mint-flavored tablet that contains hemp oil, a natural source of the cannabinoid CBD (cannabidiol). ArisiTol is non-synthetic, functions acts as a holistic care of the body, provides relief from occasional pain and inflammation and … Read the rest

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Fun Feet Super Soft Slippers

What is Fun Feet?

They are extra soft and comfortable slippers that can be used to keep the feet warm and cozy anywhere. They are easier to put on and are water proof too.


Protect your feet:

Fun Feet … Read the rest

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EZ Walk – Flip Flop Sole Inserts

What is EZ Walk?

They are insoles designed especially for providing comfort and secure fitting while wearing flip flops and sandals.

Optimum foot comfort:

EZ Walk claims that it provides the highest amount of comfort … Read the rest

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Secratatropin HGH

What is Secratatropin HGH:

It is a natural human growth hormone supplement that claims to help you reduce body fat and gain muscle mass.
Secratatropin HGH seems to have been created for those who are looking to gain muscle mass … Read the rest