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Quantum Neck & Shoulder Pro Massager

What is Quantum Neck & Shoulder Pro Massager

It is a use at home massager that claims to bring you the benefits of Shiatsu massage and offer relief from pains and aches.
Quantum Neck & Shoulder Pro Massager maintains that … Read the rest

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What is ActivPhy?

It is a delicious soft chew for dogs that ensures their well-being by focusing on their joint mobility, eases everyday discomfort and boosts flexibility. It contains nutritious ingredients such as the patented blue green algae that deem … Read the rest

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What is Floss-2O?

It is a water flosser, an innovative alternative to conventional string floss to clean your teeth easily with far better results.

No strings attached

Floss-2O is a revolutionary tool that claims to … Read the rest

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What are FlexSticks?

They are shock absorbing walking sticks with advanced features. They provide firm support on any surface to people who depend upon walking sticks.

No worries while walking

FlexSticks claim they are the … Read the rest

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Invigor 8

What is Invigor8?

It is a revolutionary all-natural nutritional shake that acts as a complete meal supplement. It is regarded as the most complete nutritional shake and a delicious 100% organic superfood that keeps you full for up to four … Read the rest

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Sparkler Sonic Toothbrush

What is Sparkler Sonic Toothbrush:

It is a compact sonic toothbrush that promises to let you have those sparkling teeth all day long.
Sparkler Sonic Toothbrush claims to be the right solution for those who spend long hours at work … Read the rest

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Paint Away Liquid Bandage

What is Paint Away Liquid Bandage

Colorful liquid bandage that keeps germs out of wounds and prevents infection along with being a fun first aid treatment.

Paint the nicks and cuts away

Paint Away Liquid … Read the rest

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Flip up Glasses

What are Flip up Glasses?

They are reading glasses with the special flip up feature. The design ensures that the reading glasses stay with you always as they are attached to your frame so you don’t misplace them.

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What is Prohemia

They are all natural capsules that claim to help you in case you are suffering from anemia or iron deficiency.
Prohemia promises to help everyone who has been suffering from anemia and is seeing its impact hamper … Read the rest