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Big Vision

What is Big Vision

It is magnifying eyewear that promises to make things clearer and bigger at the same time.
Big Vision claims to help those who tend to struggle with seeing things, especially the smaller print, in their day … Read the rest

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What is Trixene

A weight-loss oral spray that you need to spray into your mouth before eating your meals or when you have craving for sugary or salty food. It helps you eat less while keeping you satisfied throughout the … Read the rest

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BeActive Review

No Human Customer Service

One customer who used this Brace says in his Beactive review that he ordered a piece for his daughter but had to buy two instead because there was no option of buying just one and had … Read the rest

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Tru-Balance Slippers Review

What is Tru-Balance:

It is an orthopaedic soft slipper that promises to offer your feet the support they need.
Tru-Balance claim to be the perfect solution for your feet that are put through a lot of strain on a daily … Read the rest

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Buck Wrap

What is Buck Wrap:

It is a natural buck wheat wrap that claims to offer you relief from sore and achy knees.
Buck Wrap promises to be a smart and effective solution for achy knees that may have become the … Read the rest

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What is Aquasana?

It is an exceptional advanced drinking water filter that uses the best-in-class filtering technology for healthy, pure and great-tasting water. It eliminates maximum water contaminants, chlorine taste and odor while successfully retaining minerals such as calcium, magnesium … Read the rest

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What is Levrin?

It is a stimulant-free anti-stress formula made from a blend of botanicals, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, clinically tested adaptogens and more. Available as capsules, Levrin helps you successfully overcome everyday stress and simultaneously helps you relax, stay … Read the rest

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Ped Egg Power

What is Ped Egg Power:

It is a use at home device that claims to help you get the perfect pedicure for your feet to ensure that they are smooth as you’d want them to be.
Ped Egg Power maintains … Read the rest

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Pro Lean Forskolin

What is Pro Lean Forskolin

It is a weight loss supplement that promises to help you lose weight and get into shape, along with a healthy diet and an exercise plan.
Pro Lean Forskolin claims to offer respite to those … Read the rest