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NasiVent Review

How does NasiVent Work?

Is your partner’s snoring becoming the bane of your relationship? Do you suffer sleepless nights in silence and feel groggy and annoyed throughout the next day? If it’s any consolation, you are not the only one … Read the rest

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No Sweat Socks Review

What is No Sweat Socks

As per the advertisement No Sweat Socks are stated to be the next generation socks which are made from a revolutionary DryStep fabric that makes it extremely comfortable to wear. They do not block the … Read the rest

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Slim Jeggings Review

What is Slim Jeggings

These are claimed to be bottom wear that look like jeans, work like body shaper, and feel like leggings to give you comfort, style, and make your body look slimmer. They convince to hide muffin top … Read the rest

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Mega Test 500 Review

What is Mega Test 500:

It is an advanced pro formula that claims to increase testosterone up to 80% thus offering anti-aging benefits for men.

Mega Test 500 maintains that now men who are looking to boost testosterone levels in … Read the rest

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Fresh Shields Review

What are Fresh Shields:

They are underarm pads that claim to block odours and stains so that you stay dry and fresh all day.
Fresh Shields assert that they can offer you much needed respite from the nuisance of perspiration, … Read the rest

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Clear Control Review

What is Clear Control:

They are customizable glasses that promise to let you see near and far with ease.
Clear Control glasses assert that they are just perfect for those who have trouble seeing near and far at the same … Read the rest

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Painmaster Review

What is Painmaster

According to the TV ad it is a device that helps in relieving muscle pain in less than 24 hours. The easy to use patch works on the Micro Current Therapy that sends a pulsating current of … Read the rest

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R30 Fat Burner Review

What is R30 Fat Burner:

It is a fat burning supplement, which maintains that now you can lose weight without jitters and energy crash that can be caused by other weight loss formulas.
R30 Fat Burner asserts that you have … Read the rest

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Personal Pedi by Laurant

What is Personal Pedi by Laurant

A hand-held electronic device that has rollers equipped with micro minerals to remove the hardest of callus to give you smooth feet every time. Ideal for men and women, it buffs, smoothens and massages … Read the rest

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What is Cognitine?

It is a scientifically designed brain support formula that boosts brain functions like learning, memory, concentration and more and also controls symptoms of mental decline that afflicts one as age advances.

Maximize … Read the rest