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Smushion Review

What is Smushion

It is an ergonomically designed cushion that promises to offer you relief from back and body aches.

Smushion asserts that it is the perfect support you will need for your back while you get on with your … Read the rest

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Antual Review

What is Antual

It is a completely natural supplement that claims to improve your prostate function drastically.

Antual maintains that it can be a simple solution to boost your performance and potential while protecting your prostate as well. There are … Read the rest

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HD Vision Computer Eyes

What is HD Vision Computer Eye?

HD Vision Computer Eyes are a pair of lenses that claim to be designed to safeguard the eye from the harmful rays and effects of laptop, computer screens, cellphones and tablets. HD Vision Computer … Read the rest

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Shiney Hiney REVIEW

What is My Shiney Hiney?

My Shiney Hiney is a personal body cleaning system that guarantees to reach the most hard to reach areas of your body to give you 100% hygienic cleansing. My Shiney Hiney proclaims to be easy … Read the rest

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Fusion Xcelerator Review

What is Fusion Xcelerator Weight Loss System

It claims to be a complete weight loss system that covers all aspects of weight loss – meal plan with recipes, exercise routines and most importantly the nutrient micro-emulsification Fusion Xcelerator Blender system. … Read the rest

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Kerry Gaynor Method Review

What is Kerry Gaynor Method

It is claimed to be the best and most effective way to help people quit smoking. It asserts to be a natural way to cease cigarette smoking and that it does not involve any alternative … Read the rest

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Aqua Floss Review

What is Aqua Floss

It is water floss that can be used in the showers to maintain the health of your teeth and gums without any mess, according to its claims.

Aqua Floss assures you the benefits of water floss, … Read the rest

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Calypso RX Review and Product Info

What is Calypso RX

Calypso RX is an electrotherapy device that guarantees to relieve pain with its patented combination of advanced electrical stimulation therapy with medical technology. Calypso RX is a wearable device that claims to also improve the body’s … Read the rest

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Pedipals Review

What are Pedipals

They are clever little slip-ons that can be worn on your feet when you get a nice nail treatment at home or in a salon to ensure that you can get that polished look you want without … Read the rest

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ThermoGo Review

What is ThermoGo?

It is a portable heating pad that promises to keep you cozy and comfortable wherever you go.

ThermoGo maintains that it can be your ideal companion during those bitter cold winter months when things get too much … Read the rest