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Power Floss Review

What is Power Floss?

It is a unique water flosser with air infusion technology that removes plaque and food particles from teeth and gums. It releases a brisk stream of water that cleans even hard to reach areas in your … Read the rest

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BeetElite Review

What is BeetElite

As per the TV infomercial it claims to be a daily dietary nitrate-rich superfood that helps and supports the body in generating nitric oxide. The beetroot crystals in abundance ensure that there is increase in natural energy … Read the rest

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Amazing Grip Review

About Amazing Grip

Amazing Grip is a gripping attachment that claims to make any chore that involves a stick handle easy and painless. By giving you upright leverage, Amazing Grip assures to keep your body in the right and powerful … Read the rest

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Travel Clean Review

What is it

The TV infomercial states that it is a sanitizing kit that is ideal for travelers to avoid the germs and dirt of other travelers from affecting them. It claims to include a protective seat shield, booties, and … Read the rest

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reZoom Review

What is reZoom

It claims to be a scientific formula that is effective in providing relief from pain in joints and muscles. Its revolutionary formula convinces to be superior to any other solutions and is said to be the fastest … Read the rest

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Copper Fit Back Review

What is Copper Fit Back

It claims to be an amazing compression strap that is targeted to relieve the lower back muscles from stress and strain. It is made using Copper Infused Compression Technology that is highly effective in providing … Read the rest

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Copper Joint Review

What is Copper Joint?

It is a knee compression sleeve made of 88% copper infused nylon and 12% spandex fabric. It provides wholesome support and relief from pain through professional elastic compression to carry out everyday and challenging activities effortlessly … Read the rest

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Mae by Damiva Review

About Mae by Damiva

Mae by Damiva maintains to be a vaginal suppository that helps menopausal women deal with discomfort and pain caused by vaginal dryness related to the change in their bodies. Mae by Damiva promises that it does … Read the rest

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Immune Dr. Review

What is it

The infomercial states that it is an exclusive immune defense system. Alleging to the human immune system supplements, it promises to keep you healthy always and combat bacterial and viral infections.

Supplements … Read the rest

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New Age Massager Review

What is New Age Massager

It is a massager that offers you the best of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation for relief from back pain.

New Age Massager asserts that it is your way to get respite from back pain through … Read the rest