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One Power Readers REVIEW

What are One Power Readers?

They are an innovative set of pairs of glasses with a range of .5 – 2.75 of strength in each lens. The glasses automatically correct the up-close vision with their precise focal power strength seamlessly … Read the rest

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Sankom Socks REVIEW

What are Sankom Socks?

They are patented compression socks that claim to provide relief from a host of medical problems like varicose veins, sore muscles, blood pooling and others.



For Rejuvenation and Respite from Tiredness in Legs
Sankom … Read the rest

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Touch Points REVIEW

About Touch Points

This is an incredible new breakthrough to help reduce stress. Just strap TouchPoints on your wrists, hold it in your hand or clip it on your clothing for stress relief at home or in the office. Alternating … Read the rest

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Grip Clip Review |

About Grip Clip

Grip Clip claims to be a better way to cut your nails without losing control and tearing your nails! Grip Clip convinces that its extra-wide rubberized non-slip grip lets you take complete control so you never tear … Read the rest

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Amazing Reach Cane REVIEW

About Amazing Reach Cane

The Amazing Reach Cane promises to be a super sturdy yet lightweight, dual-handled adjustable quad cane with a reach and grab extension arm to give you a helping hand when you need it.


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Copperfit Foot Relief REVIEW

About Copperfit Foot Relief

Copperfit Foot Relief claims to be a contoured, graduated, and zoned compression sleeve designed to recover and relieve muscle and joint soreness. It promises to offer supreme support and relief to foot stress and strains. This … Read the rest