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Campbell McAuley Celebrity Styler Review

What is Campbell McAuley Celebrity Styler

It claims to be an amazing hairbrush with tourmaline blend that can be used to create bangs, waves and curls in hair very easily. It also helps in making hair smoother, shinier, healthier and … Read the rest

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Perfecter Ultra

What is Perfecter Ultra

As per the infomercial it’s a unique and innovative hairstyling appliance that does the work of 4 appliances – hair dryer, straightener, hair curler and hot styling brush. It consists of Black Tourmaline that is semi-precious … Read the rest

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Hairnetix Review

About Hairnetix

Hairnetix states to be an instant hair solution that can cover balding patches and receding spots. It assures to be identical to human hair in texture and color so it goes undetectable to other people. Hairnetix convinces that … Read the rest

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Twistik Review

What is Twistik

As per the TV infomercial it’s the easiest and a great way to create gorgeous looking hairstyles. Unlike ties and clips, Twistik claims to be very easy to apply and needs a simple twist of the wrists. … Read the rest

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Secret Cover Review

What is Secret Cover

As per the infomercial it is a finely textured hair attachment that can be used to cover hair loss, thinning hair or cover balding spots on women. These are uniquely designed lightweight, finely textured hair which … Read the rest

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Hot Fusion Brush Review

What is Hot Fusion Brush?

It is a hot hairbrush featuring special tourmaline technology that controls frizz and makes your hair look naturally voluminous and shiny. If you are tired of bad hair days which strike every now and then, … Read the rest

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Straight N Go

What is Straight N Go?

Straight N Go is a new hair straightening brush that states to be smooth, easy to use, and makes straightening the hair a simple and super quick task. Straight N Go promises that it does … Read the rest

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HotDo Review

What is HotDo

HotDo is a hair accessory that claims to let you create a hot hairdo right at home within seconds. HotDo asserts that if you can tie even the smallest ponytail then you can use the accessory. HotDo … Read the rest

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DryTastic Brush Review

How does DryTastic Brush Work?

If you hair is your fortune and one of your best features, you want to do everything you can to make sure it gets you the desired attention. Hence you want to style it perfectly … Read the rest