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Pocket Planter

What is Pocket Planter?

Vertical gardens to grow your favorite plants anywhere inside or outside your house. Since these pockets hang you do not have to bend or even kneel while gardening


Gardening without bending or

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Shade Tree

What is Shade Tree:

It is a gardener’s collection of plants that can be used to create the perfect, lush and leafy yard around your house.
Shade Tree is supposed to give a helping hand to all home owners who … Read the rest

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Quicklawn Ultra

What is Quicklawn Ultra:

It is world’s first four season grass seed that promises to let you have that lush green lawn without incurring huge expenses.
Quicklawn Ultra claims to offer you respite from constant watering, fertilizing and mowing of … Read the rest

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EZ Reach Valve

What is EZ Reach Valve:

It is supposed to be a valve that can let to get to your outdoor water faucets without a lot of hassle.
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Aerogarden Bulbs

What are Aerogarden Bulbs:

They are energy efficient fluorescent bulbs that are conducive to plant growth.


Aerogarden Bulbs are meant to offer you correct, full spectrum lighting that can make a world of difference to the plant growth in … Read the rest

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Pocket Hose Ultra

What is Pocket Hose Ultra

It claims to be a strong and sturdy hose that makes your task of watering the garden a lot easier.


Pocket Hose Ultra apparently takes the power of the popular Pocket Hose to a … Read the rest

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Dial-N-Grow Planting Pot

What is Dial-N-Grow? – It is a planting pot that adjusts and takes in only the amount of water that your plant needs. It’s provided with a dial which, when twisted, indicates how much water is required.

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Tomato Mate Review

What is Tomato Mate? A special kit that helps you grow tomatoes at home without any efforts. The kit and the tomato seeds are inserted into the top of any water bottle filled with water.

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Green Gun Review

What is Green Gun
Green Gun is a lawn paint sprayer. It comes with 2 canisters of non-toxic eco-friendly color.


Green Gun claims to help you with keeping your lawn green as it should be. You are proud of … Read the rest

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Miracle Grass

All home owners that have the luxury of space around their houses want to make the most of it. And it only seems natural since you know having a lush lawn around your house adds to its aesthetic and overall … Read the rest