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Strawberry Hanging Basket

What is Strawberry Hanging Basket

It is a planting basket that claims to help you grow strawberries in just about sixty days.
Strawberry Hanging Basket maintains that it can be the right solution for anyone who wants to grow strawberries … Read the rest

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Fast Trim Roller

What is Fast Trim Roller

It is a roller that makes trimming and edging fast and easy during a painting job so that you do not need taping, splattering or using ladders thus cutting the time spent in painting in … Read the rest

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Canada Green

What is Canada Green

It is an all-season green grass hybrid mix seed pack that provides a lush green lawn that stays throughout the year and is engineered in Canada. It can survive in extreme temperatures from -40 to 120 … Read the rest

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Monster Hot Pepper Garden

What is Monster Hot Pepper Garden

They are hot and spicy Jalapeno and Chilli Peppers that hold the promise of growing in just 10 weeks.
Monster Hot Pepper Garden promises to be a smart option for those who like to … Read the rest

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Dial-N-Grow Planting Pot

What is Dial-N-Grow Planting Pot

It is a planting pot that claims to automatically adjust to ensure perfect soil moisture for plants.
Dial-N-Grow Planting Pot maintains that it lets you keep your plants in perfect moisture condition every time. Many … Read the rest

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Tomato Patch

What is Tomato Patch

It is an ingenious way to grow tomatoes easier and faster without toiling in the garden to grow them. It uses a greenhouse technique to provide great tasting organic tomatoes.

Grow … Read the rest

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Instant Flower Power Mat

What is Instant Flower Power Mat?

It is a special pre-seeded mat that grows thousands of flowers in your garden easily in a non-messy way.

Grow your own flower bed

If you love flowers and … Read the rest

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Go Pro Green N Gro

What is Go Pro Green N Gro?

It is an all-natural lawn and garden treatment for lush green lawns and gardens. It is available in a bottle which can be attached to the garden hose and sprayed conveniently.

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Flower Tower

What is Flower Tower:

It is a vertical gardening tool that claims to make it easier for you to grow flowers.
Flower Tower is supposed to give a helping hand to everyone who loves to grow flowers in and around … Read the rest

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Hardy Giant Blackberry Plant

What is the Hardy Giant Blackberry Plant?

It is a blackberry plant that claims to produce giant size berries that are healthy, nutritious and delicious too.


Healthy and Nutritious

According to nutritionists, blackberries are an antioxidant … Read the rest