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Sprinkler 360 Review

What is Sprinkler 360

It claims to be a revolutionary water sprinkler that has a full 360 degree range of motion and custom spray patterns that can help water any area, narrow or wide easily without wasting any water.

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XHOSE Pro Extreme Review

What is XHOSE Pro Extreme

It is an expanding hose with kink free design that saves you a lot of hassle while watering your garden, according to its claims.

XHOSE Pro Extreme asserts that now you have an easy way … Read the rest

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Weed Raptor Review

About Weed Raptor

Weed Raptor claims to be a weed removal garden tool that makes getting rid of weeds an easy and quick job. Weed Raptor proclaims to work with a regular drill to remove weed from its roots and … Read the rest

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My Anywhere Garden Review

What is My Anywhere Garden

It is a specially designed garden set of hangers, pots and packets that promises to help you grow a garden indoors or outdoors.

My Anywhere Garden asserts that it offers you a fast and easy … Read the rest

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Mr Tomato Review

What is Mr Tomato

It is a new way to relish tomatoes by growing them indoors all by yourself easily and conveniently. Mr Tomato is available as a kit that includes tomato seeds, planting filter and moisture sand which can … Read the rest

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Aqua Chamber

What is Aqua Chamber?

Aqua Chamber is a device for your garden that that claims to feed and water your plants so that you do not have to guess garden any more. Aqua Chamber assures that you just need to … Read the rest

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Tulip Bulb Collection Review

What is Tulip Bulb Collection

It is claimed to be a collection of 20 tulip bulbs that are imported from Holland which is known for its beautiful flowers all around the world. These spring tulips are said to be perfect … Read the rest

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Hydro Mousse Review

Our team has gone through around 200 Hydro Mousse reviews and has compiled it into this review which covers all the pros and cons of the product. Well there are no Pros really with the Hydro Mousse Liquid Lawn.

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50 Days of Spring

About 50 Days of Spring

It is a kit of bulbs that helps you plant and grow some of the best popular spring flowers such as Crocus, daffodils, tulips, hyacinths and iris reticulata harmony conveniently without any hassles or by … Read the rest

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Super Grow

What is Super Grow

An all-natural enzyme booster that can make your plants, flowers and fruits grow to double their size in just about 21 days throughout the season. The booster is developed and tested in universities so it’s proven … Read the rest