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What is Fountainphonic:

It is a speaker system that claims to dance to music and create stunning visual effects.
Fountainphonic promises to offer music lovers concert like experience when playing music in the comforts of their home. If you are … Read the rest

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WiFi Wizard

What is WiFi Wizard?

It is an advanced dish that dramatically increases the WIFI signal strength so that you never lose the signal while working or having your fill of entertainment. It comes ready to use and doesn’t need to … Read the rest

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BlabbaMouth Sound Boxes

What are BlabbaMouth Sound Boxes

They are devices that claim to amplify the music from your phone up to 150%.
BlabbaMouth Sound Boxes ensure that the party and fun never stop in your homes. There are many of us who … Read the rest

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Sweda Power Port

What is Sweda Power Port:

It is a power port that claims to let you charge all your portable electronic devices at the same time.
Sweda Power Port promises to ensure that everyone at home will be able to charge … Read the rest

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Socket Dock

What is a Socket Dock:

It is a universal charger that also has a charging dock on the top.
Socket Dock claims to be a convenient tool for you at home so that you have get your phone charged while … Read the rest

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Eyesee Mobile Projector

What is Eyesee Mobile Projector

It is a projector for iPhone Mini and iPhone 4S that claims to be of great help for sales people, entrepreneurs and small business owners.
Eyesee Mobile Projector promises to help you get over the … Read the rest

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What is Splitsecnd:

It is device that can bring you emergency assistance at times you need it the most.
Splitsecnd can work like a safety cushion for anyone who drives and can be stuck in a tricky situation. There are … Read the rest

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1 Touch Light Transformer

What is 1 Touch Light Transformer?

It is a transformer that lets you turn any lamp on and off with one touch with the help of energy exchange transfer technology.

No more fumbling in the … Read the rest

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What is Globot?

It is an attachable LED light that is motion activated so that it switches on and off automatically because of its sensors to light up the space where light doesn’t reach.


Motion-activated LED

Read the rest