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NuGuard KX Case

What is NuGuard KX Case

It is a protective case for your mobile phones, which maintains that it can protect them from falls, drops and scratches.
NuGuard KX Case claims that now you can make sure that your mobile phones … Read the rest

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Pad Pal

What is Pad Pal

It’s a stationary and pivoting lap and desk stand for tablets and readers that gives you a hands-free experience of using your pad.


Pivoting stand for tablets and smartphones

Pad Pal is a pivoting stand … Read the rest

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Air Writer 3D Pen

What is Air Writer 3D Pen

It is a 3D printer that claims to fit into the palm of your hand and make things easier for you.
Air Writer 3D Pen maintains that now you can take your creativity and … Read the rest

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What is Osmo

An iPad peripheral that has a set of games combining real toys with the virtual games to turn your kid’s obsession with the iPad into an educational activity.

Combine real toys and … Read the rest

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GoGo Pillow Kids

What are GoGo Pillow Kids

They are cute and comfortable pillows that claim to double up as smart and safe cases for your tablets as well.
GoGo Pillow Kids assert that they can be a sensible solution for your kids … Read the rest

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Nano Charger XT

What is Nano Charger XT:

It is a small and compact USB charger that claims to help you charge quickly whenever you need it.
Nano Charger XT promises to help all users who can’t do without their mobile devices, laptops … Read the rest

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Mobile Critters

What are Mobile Critters:

They are cool covers for mobile phones that promise to make them come to life as well.
Mobile Critters maintain that they can be the cool, colourful and sensible solution to protect your mobile phones from … Read the rest

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What is LifeLink

It is an ultra portable class of USB cables that promises to help you keep your devices charged without any mess and hassle.
LifeLink claims to become a smart alternative to those messy cables that become the … Read the rest

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Jumps Speakers

What is Jumps Speakers

A portable speaker system that provides amazing output and entertainment in the form of an ultimate fountain and light show right inside it.


Party Anywhere:

Jumps Speakers convinces to be the best choice if you’re … Read the rest

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HD Clear Vision

What is HD Clear Vision

It claims to offer you a way to watch all your favourite TV channels for free without having to pay huge cable bills.

HD Clear Vision promises to offer respite to those who are feeling … Read the rest