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GadgetGo Review

What is GadgetGo?

GadgetGo is a universal tablet stand that is easy to carry and use absolutely anywhere. GadgetGo claims to be able to hold any tablet with its unique gripping technology and ensures that it will hold your tablet … Read the rest

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Privatone Review

What is Privatone

They are wireless headphones that claim to help you listen to your favourite programs without any disturbance or disturbing others.

Privatone assert that they can be the perfect choice for today’s users who like to listen to … Read the rest

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dualBEATS Review

What is dualBEATS

According to the infomercial, these are high-fidelity headphones that claim to have foam padding in the inside that shuts the ambient noise out and gives you high definition audio. On the outside, they proclaim to turn into … Read the rest

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Bell+Howell Micro Max Review

About Bell+Howell Micro Max

Bell+Howell Micro Max is an LED flashlight that claims to be the smallest yet the brightest flashlight in the world. Bell+Howell Micro Max convinces to give wider and more intense beam while being so tiny that … Read the rest

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Card Lock Review

About Card Lock

Card Lock is a cover for your credit and debit cards that convinces to safeguard you from identity theft by RFID scanners. Card Lock asserts to be as strong as having a bank vault in your pocket. … Read the rest

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CordKhoi Review

What is CordKhoi

It is a cover for your headphones that promises to store them tangle free and without any mess. CordKhoi stresses that it’s the perfect solution for you to ensure that your headphones are not tangled up every … Read the rest

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Pocket Patch Review

What is Pocket Patch

Pocket Patch is a patch for your pocket that claims to protect you from the harmful microwaves and radiation of cell phone. Pocket Patch is made of high-grade cotton to give you complete comfort and assures … Read the rest

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“Tag It” Cables and Tags

What is Tag It

As per the infomercial it claims to be an Apple-certified lightning Cable Cord Set for iPhones, iPads, and iPods, that helps you color code the various kinds of cable cords according to your name, cord location … Read the rest

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Magic Card Review

What is Magic Card

It is claimed to be the most amazing backup power supply with a capacity to provide up to for 12 hours of backup power for cell phones and smart devices. The highlight is its size which … Read the rest

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Clever Grip Review

What is Clever Grip

It is a phone clip that can be used in your cars and promises to keep you and your phones safe.

Clever Grip asserts that now you won’t put yourself in the harm’s way by trying … Read the rest