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Clear TV Key Review

What is Clear TV Key?

Clear TV Key as per the claims seems to be a small digital antenna that can be plugged to any output cable of the TV. It lets you enjoy broadcast television free of charge. With … Read the rest

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Z-waves Mbox

What is Z-waves Mbox?

Z-waves Mbox as depicted in the infomercial is a streaming box that seems to stream movies, TV shows, live sports and music via your TV without any subscription charges. Z-waves Mbox claims to let the viewers … Read the rest

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Big Kid SecureDrive

About Big Kid SecureDrive

Big Kid SecureDrive proclaims to be a USB drive device for the computer that protects kids and teenagers from offensive web pages, junk and viruses to provide them with secure computing and browsing experience. Big Kid … Read the rest

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Big Show

What is Big Show?

As per the infomercial it is a magnifying screen that triples the display of any cellphone easily. It magnifies up to 3 times the original size so that viewing the screen is not at all strenuous … Read the rest

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Kurio Xtreme 2 Review

What it Kurio Xtreme 2:

It is a fast and efficient tablet for kids, which claims to be informative, engaging, fun and also safe for their use.
Kurio Xtreme 2 assures you peace of mind while your kids learn and … Read the rest

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Smart Vision Review

What is Smart Vision?

If you have a difficult time viewing things on your digital device, then what you need is the revolutionary hands-free screen magnifying glass, Smart Vision.
Smart Vision is an amazing and incredible screen magnifying glass designed … Read the rest

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Keyno Review

About Keyno

Keyno is a Bluetooth-powered padlock that claims to work without keys or combination thus do away with the need to have physical keys. Keyno states to require just a click on your smartphone to unlock it instantly. Keyno … Read the rest

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HD Twist Review

What is HD Twist

They are powerful 2-in-1 HD headphones that can be easily converted into speakers whenever you want to.

HD Twist maintains that now you don’t have to choose between big sound and quality audio because you can … Read the rest

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Cross X2 Headphones Review

About Cross X2 Headphones

Cross X2 Headphones states to be a 2-1in-1 HD headphones that turns into speakers to let you crank up music at just the press of a button. Cross X2 Headphones claims to be great for everything … Read the rest