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About AiRScouter

AiRScouter states to be an advanced head-mount display that shows all the needed information to your field of view ensuring more efficiency in work and fewer errors. Claiming to be HDMI 720 p eyepiece it is be attachable … Read the rest

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Mile Light Flashlight

What is Mile Light Flashlight?
It’s a sophisticated flashlight that enables you to view things clearly as far away as a mile, illuminate large spaces, zoom in on a specific spot and accomplish lots more.


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Dynamic Virtual Viewer Review

What is Dynamic Virtual Viewer?

Dynamic Virtual Viewer is a virtual reality headset designed to give you a 360 degree reality viewing experience that is simply incredible. This amazing headset is the one that you can actually afford to get.… Read the rest

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SOLARSTATION by Touch of ECO is a 4-1 multi-functional solar powered unit. The SOLARSTATION is designed with a specially crafted radio, flashlight and alarm clock. It also has the power to generate power through three different sources. … Read the rest

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Sound Scoopz

What is Sound Scoopz? This easy sound bar alternative claims to be the perfect solution for crystal clear TVaudio. Sound Scoopz stresses that now you can hear your TV audio clearly because it aims the sound directly at you and … Read the rest

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According to the TV ad, it’s a micro-camera that lets you capture the most intense adventure and action anytime and anywhere.


Versatile Micro-Camera – VIZ XTREME asserts to … Read the rest

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Audion Micro REVIEW

What is Audion Micro

As per the TV infomercial it is a revolutionary and discreet hearing device that help boost the sound up to 30 times more to help hearing disorders at cost effective price.


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Clever Clutch Review

What is Clever Clutch?

It claims to be a unique clutch that is designed to hold all the necessary items including a cell phone and a portable charger accompanied along. Clever Clutch is a purse with a phone charger that … Read the rest

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Brighter Viewer Review

What is Brighter Viewer? As per the television infomercial it is a large magnifying screen that helps in enlarging anything up to three times its actual size. It rotates 180 degrees for easy adjustment and has LED light too for … Read the rest

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Daisy Sensor Review

What is Daisy Sensor?

As described in the infomercial, Daisy Sensor is a sensor and smartphone app that allows you to take better care of your plants by measuring their soil moisture, temperature and light throughout the day. It has … Read the rest