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Tech Talk Sunglasses Review

Often there is no getting away from work no matter where you are; whether you are driving some place or are relaxing on the beach. But the thing is, you often get important work calls that you just cannot miss … Read the rest

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Sonic Jammers Speakers Review

When you listen to music, do you often feel you can’t enjoy it or share it? Headphones are useless and built in speakers are no good because the sound is not good. Wish you had good quality speakers?


Sonic Read the rest

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Just Hit the Button Review

Internet Security has become a wide spread issue now as instances of hacking and other such activities on the web are growing. It only takes a few seconds for your computer to get infected by a virus, but it can … Read the rest

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iKleenit Review

Today we just cannot do without our electronic devices. Some years ago it was only the TV set that we relied on and cared for, but now you’ve got your mobile phone, computer, laptop, iPad etc. These devices have become … Read the rest

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Bell Howell Micro Plus Review


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Those who have hearing difficulties often feel embarrassed by them and they can land them in awkward situations like not following an important conversation amongst friends. You could be watching TV at home … Read the rest

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Convert A Classic Review

Are your priceless videotapes of those adorable first moments wearing out in the basement or attic? You could lose those precious family memories to dust, water, heat, and pests forever. Well, now there is a fast new way to preserve … Read the rest

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RAN3 Review

Cell phones have become such an integral part of our lives that we cannot imagine a life without them. Regular articles in the newspapers and even cell phone manuals report how radiation from cell phones can be very harmful to … Read the rest

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Invisi Ear Sound Amplifier Review

If you have a hearing difficulty only you can understand the uncomfortable situations you can get into. Like having a conversation with friends in a crowded restaurant or a party for example and not being able to keep up because … Read the rest

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DataJack Review

What is DataJack – DataJack is the 3G Nationwide Mobile Broadband. You get high speed internet service anywhere you travel with average download speeds of 600 kbps to 1.7 Mbps. That is almost two and half times faster than most … Read the rest