Fun and Toys

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Power Planes

What is Power Planes: They are propeller powered extraordinary planes that you can get using your regular paper planes.


Power Planes claim to take your regular paper airplane and turn into to a powerful flying machine that can really … Read the rest

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Glowerz Review

What is Glowerz – Fun hats and slippers that change colors and glow when one takes a step.

Glowing and color changing slippers and hats

Glowerz claim to be kids’ favorite night companions with their … Read the rest

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My Lil Rainbow Light

What is My Little Rainbow – It is a light that projects a rainbow on a wall or on a ceiling. All it takes is just the push of a button.

With My Lil Rainbow, a bedroom can be turned … Read the rest

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Nickelodeon Super Stretch Gak

Why Nickelodeon Super Stretch Gak

When you have young kids at home one of your most important tasks is keeping them entertained. They can be bored so easily and having restless kids on hand can be quite tricky. And your … Read the rest

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Looney Balloons

If you have kids at home you want them to have fun and be entertained. But that’s often easier said than done, especially since you know how quickly they get bored. You can’t keep hosting parties for them ever so … Read the rest

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Fist Flyers

Kids these days get so bored easily and turn their attention to watching television or playing video games for endless amount of time. But it is important that they get generate interest in physical games too. Games these days do … Read the rest

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Lumi Doh

There is nothing more important for children than to express themselves creatively. There are a lot of ways ranging from sketching inside a drawing book to making clay models using regular clay material. Play-doh’s can be extreme fun but lasts … Read the rest

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Gift your kids endless hours of playtime and fun with tiny new playful, magical creatures called The Zelfs! A super cute band of creatures called The Zelfs are adorable new toys kids can spend hours playing and laughing with. The … Read the rest

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Air Hogs Atmosphere

Your young ones are not going to be impressed with your regular toys and games, which they grow out of easily. They want something that is cool and exciting, which can be a source of unlimited fun for them. Air … Read the rest

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You want your kids to feel comfortable all through the year, especially those bitter cold winter months. But to try and make them wear hats during the cold season can be a pain. The regular animal caps are boring and … Read the rest