Fun and Toys

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Static Magic

What is Static Magic?

It is a static wand that claims to let you display all the stuff that you make and want to show off. With Static magic you can show off all the stuff that you create and … Read the rest

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Teddy Tank

What is Teddy Tank?

A new type of plush toy that has combines two types of fun for kids. It can be dressed up with accessories on the outside and it carries a live fish tank inside its belly. The … Read the rest

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Doodle Brite Review

What is Doodle Brite? – It is a lamp which displays designs anyone can make and put them up on it when switched on.

Fun for everyone

Doodle Brite is ‘the super fun lamp that … Read the rest

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Color Creation Light Bulb

What is Color Creation Light Bulb – These are artfully painted light bulbs that can transform your kids’ bedroom wall into a piece of art by just replacing the regular light bulb.

Decorate your kid’s … Read the rest

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Justice Night Vision Binocular

What is Justice Night Vision Binoculars – It is an amazing binocular from Young Defender’s that can provide great fun and entertainment to kids with its magnification and night vision.

Great activity for kids

Justice … Read the rest

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Air Hogs Megabomb

What is Air Hogs Megabomb – It is the ultimate RC helicopter that is coupled with bomb dropping capability.

Rule the sky

Air Hogs Megabomb claims to be the first of its kind Radio Controlled … Read the rest

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Air Hogs Drop Strike Helicopter

What is Air Hogs Drop Strike – A new age revolutionary RC fusion chopper and ground vehicle which fires projectiles and features ejectable wheelbase

Advance combat vehicle

Air Hogs Drop Strike promises to be one … Read the rest