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What is Janimals

It is a cute and cuddly soft toy with a twist. It not just is huggable and playable but also opens up to become a full animal suit for unlimited fun.

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What is Chatter Pals

It is a cute and cuddly soft toy available in many different characters that repeats everything in a fun voice and even has a movable jaw to make it seem like it’s talking.

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CloudPets Teddy

What is CloudPets Teddy:

It is a cute and cuddly teddy that downloads messages from the cloud and claims to make you feel close to your loved ones.
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Tenzi Dice Game

What is Tenzi Dice Game

It is a fast, frenzied dice game that guarantees hours of entertainment for kids.
Tenzi Dice Game claims to be a fun dice game that your kids won’t have enough of. You know when you … Read the rest

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Storytime Pets

What is Storytime Pets

It is a cute and cuddly stuffed animal that has the ability to read stories and sing along with kids with the use of a supportive app that works in iPhone, iPad or any android device.… Read the rest

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Tummy Stuffers Wild Ones

What is Tummy Stuffers Wild Ones

It is a cute and cuddly 13 inch toy that kids can cuddle with and also a great way to organize kids’ rooms with its large storage capacity.

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Hover Ball

What is Hover Ball:

It is a soccer ball that floats like magic, according to its claims.
Hover Ball can be a source of unlimited fun and playtime for young ones who might take to it with gusto. For starters, … Read the rest

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Teddy Tanks

What are Teddy Tanks?

They are stuffed toys that also double up fish bowl for kids.

Two in one fun

Teddy Tanks aim to fill your kids’ moments with lots of fun as they seem … Read the rest

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Bright Time Buddies

About Bright Time Buddies

It is a collection of night light designed as adorable toys for kids. They are soft and cuddly and glow with a gentle touch with soothing, colorful lights that change.


Adorable, loving and comforting

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