Fun and Toys

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Hug Rugs

What are Hug Rugs

They are super soft, cuddly rugs that promise to be hugely comfortable for your kids.
Hug Rugs assert that they will be the cute new companions for your kids when they want to go to bed … Read the rest

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What are Blobbits

They are meltable and mouldable creatures that promise to offer hours of unlimited fun for your kids.
Blobbits claim to be a big source of entertainment for kids, who often tend to get bored with their regular … Read the rest

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Still Chilled

What is Still Chilled?

It is a special bottle constructed with double wall made of Tritan™ copolyester which is filled with freezable gel in between. It keeps your chilled drinks ice cold for hours and hot drinks at the desired … Read the rest

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Crazy Clingz

What is Crazy Clingz

Cute plush design kits that can decorate a kid’s, boys and girls, bedroom by just peeling off and sticking them on walls, furniture and even the ceiling with six different characters and themes.


Endless possibilities

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Brite Ball

What is Brite Ball

A wiggly, jiggly, bumbling and stumbling ball that plays colorful lights and music and is the perfect toy for your kids and pets alike. Other than being fun to play with it’s also great for sensory … Read the rest

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Cool Caps

About Cool Caps

A unique combination of spill-free caps that fit any bottle and two refreshing juice flavors that come with it.

Enjoy refreshing drinks the easy way

Cool Caps are specially designed caps for … Read the rest

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What are Smilerz?

They are soft slippers for children that glow with every step they take. They come in a range of animated characters that children can choose from.

Cute and adorable slippers that glow… Read the rest

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Critter Cuffs

What are Critter Cuffs?

They are tiny soft toys that are worn on wrists by children.

Cuties on your wrist!

Critter Cuffs are unique soft toys that promise to bring kids loads of fun and … Read the rest

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Dream Waves

What are Dream Waves?

They are bright and attractive nightlights that glow through soft toy pillows to turn your ceiling into an ocean bed. They offer unique moving images of an ocean on the ceiling for an authentic experience.

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What is Genetipetz?

It is a range of mixed-up stuffed animals that seem very creative and attractive to kids. They also have the ability to interact with smartphones and tablets.

Kid designed stuffed toys

Genetipetz … Read the rest