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What is WonderForts?

Wonder Forts claims to be an amazing fort building kit that lets your kids build forts, play spaces, castles, canopy beds, pirate ships, rocket ships and more easily. Alleging to be sturdy yet easy for kids, Wonder … Read the rest

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Hyper Disc Review

What is Hyper Disc

It is a cool disc that inflates with air or helium and can spin and hover, which will be a lot of fun for the young ones. Hyper Disc maintains that now your kids will be … Read the rest

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Wall Rider Review

What is Wall Rider:

According to the review Wall Rider is an infrared controlled car, which maintains that it can take racing fun to the walls, quite literally.

Wall Rider claims that now you can have thrills and spills like … Read the rest

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Air Hogs Firewing Bird Review

What is Air Hogs Firewing Bird:

It is a flying bird from Air Hogs that promises to let you experience a new way of flying.
Air Hogs Firewing Bird claims that it can make your dreams of flying like a … Read the rest

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GlowJamas Review

What are GlowJamas?

They are innovative glow-in-the-dark pajama shirts that light up when you write on them with the special UV light pen provided. Whatever you create on it stays for 2 to 5 minutes and creates lots of fun … Read the rest

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What is Roll-A-Troll:

It is a soft, cute and furry troll that can be your kids’ favourite companion for a long time to come.
Roll-A-Troll asserts that it can be a source of entertainment for kids, who just won’t have … Read the rest

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Air Hogs Axis 400x

What is Air Hogs Axis 400x:

It asserts that passionate pilots can give themselves greater flying challenges while taking their experience a notch higher.
Air Hogs Axis 400x maintains that it is just the right model for young pilots who … Read the rest

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Elastic Plastic

What is Elastic Plastic:

It claims to offer your kids a simple way to create exciting balloons that last longer than the regular ones.
Elastic Plastic promises to be a means of long lasting entertainment for your kids. There are … Read the rest

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Wonki Wands

About Wonki Wands

It’s the name of the new as seen on tv toy that makes big bubbles up to 4 feet wide and 40 feet long.


Make giant bubbles all by yourself!

Wonki Wands promises to fill up … Read the rest