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Catch A Critter Review

What is Catch A Critter

It claims to be a very thoughtfully designed plush hide and seek toy for pet dogs to improve their intelligence and problem solving skills. It helps in boosting their natural instinct of seek and capture … Read the rest

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Bunch O Balloons Review

What is Bunch O Balloons–

As per the TV infomercial it is a revolutionary way of making water balloons quickly and easily. These self-sealing balloons take just a few seconds to fill automatically and are ready in a bunch of … Read the rest

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Hot Straws Review

What is Hot Straws

As per the infomercial it is the only straw that is specifically made for sipping on hot drinks to avoid spills, stains and is completely reusable.


Enjoy hot drinks

Hot … Read the rest

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Draw Jammies Review

What is Draw Jammies

As per the TV infomercial they are pajamas for boys and girls that come with magic markers that can help create fun designs and drawings every day and quickly goes off in one machine wash.

 … Read the rest

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Jacket Packit Pets Review

What is Jacket Packit Pets

It is a cute and cuddly pet for kids that can turn into a jacket whenever they want to keep warm.

Jacket Packit Pets maintain that now your little ones will have their perfect companions … Read the rest

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Cuddle Trays

What is Cuddle Trays

– It claims to be an amazing stuff toy pillow that can convert into a tray in just seconds. It states to be very easy and convenient to use and is designed to fit children’s lap … Read the rest

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Zigamazoos Review

About Zigamazoos

Zigamazoos maintain to be plush toys that are soft, round and cuddly.They state to stick their tongues out and make a lot of funny sounds to give your kids hours of fun and play. Zigamazoos assert to be … Read the rest

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Hugalopes Puppet Hat

Part 1
Kids’ toys are always in demand because all parents want the best for their children. You want your kids to be engaged and have a good time, at the same time you want to fuel their creativity. But … Read the rest

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Dreamers Review

What is Dreamers

The infomercial claims that it’s a blanket and pillow set that kids can play with during daytime, snuggle in the evening, and sleep with at night. It states to come in many different designs like superheroes, princesses, … Read the rest

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FlatToFizzy Review

About FlatToFizzy

FlatToFizzy is a kit that consists a soda maker and concentrates of flavors that assures to let you make your ordinary tap water into a more refreshing sparkling water. With its SodaStream concentrate, FlatToFizzy proclaims that you can … Read the rest