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Battle Balloons Review

About Battle Balloons

Battle Balloons asserts to be an exciting new way to fill water balloons quickly and easily. Its new-age mechanism is allegedly designed to provide users with total 40 balloons filled in one go and that too in … Read the rest

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Bendaroos 3D Review

What are Bendaroos 3D:

They are four flexible building sticks that are available in different sizes to help kids create cute things and have fun in the process too.

Bendaroos 3D maintain that now building things and creating magic will … Read the rest

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Crazy Chillers

About Crazy Chillers

Crazy Chillers are fun and magical gloves that claim to change colors on their fun design in the cold. Whether snowball fights, making a snowman, skiing, hanging on to the tube or sleigh or any other fun … Read the rest

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Dreamers Hero Blanket

About Dreamers Hero Blanket

Dreamers Hero Blanket states to be a set of blanket and pillow that also doubles up as a play thing for kids. Dreamers Hero Blanket claims that kids can play pretend, snuggle, and also sleep with … Read the rest

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Emojikins |

About Emojikins

Emojikins claims to be a huggable plush toy that is designed like Emojis. But what asserts to set it apart and make it fun is the fact that it can talk to the owner and magically to other … Read the rest

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3D Magic Maker REVIEW

What is 3D Magic Maker

It claims to an activity system for kids that let them create 3D creations easily and quickly. The gel can be used on stencils and molds with option to create custom shapes, and the gel … Read the rest

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E-Z Bar Review

What is E-Z Bar?

Parents and children around the world wait for the day when the training wheels can finally be removed. But sometimes riding their bicycles without the training wheels can be a nightmare for both parents and children.… Read the rest

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Air Hogs Altitude Video Drone Review

What is the Air Hogs Altitude Video Drone?

The Air Hogs Altitude Video Drone is an amazingly incredible 3-channel, gyro-stabilized helicopter designed for children and to be used indoors only.
Featuring a built-in camera and an on-board memory, the Air … Read the rest

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BubbaBlo Review

What is BubbaBlo –

It claims to be an amazing gun that helps in creating large sized bubbles easily. It is the perfect way for children to play and alleges to be so easy that the smallest member of the … Read the rest

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Wubble X Review

What is Wubble X

As per the TV Infomercial it is an amazing anti-gravity ball that has the ability to bounce, float, spin and fly. It basically looks like a bubble but functions like a ball and provides endless fun … Read the rest