Fun and Toys

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Dry Erase Plus REVIEW

What is Dry Erase Plus?

It is a dry erasable whiteboard in the form of decal that can be put up anywhere and removed easily. Dry Erase Plus guarantees to transform the way you communicate, plan, recall and organize your … Read the rest

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About My Tuggles

My Tuggles are stuffed animals that are just like real pets that can actually walk. Just pull on a leash and watch them magically move as they wiggle and waggle everywhere. What’s more? No batteries are required. … Read the rest

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Buddy Balls REVIEW

About Buddy Balls

Buddy Balls claims to be a two-in-one toy with a ball and a teddy that is perfect to toss around, hang around and hug! It is perfect for play time, sleep time and anytime! Your child is … Read the rest

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Beddie Bear

What is Beddie Bear?

Cozy comfort and warmth, Beddie Bear proclaims to be a fantastic companion for children. The hugging comfort is priceless and over 100 years people have enjoyed this feeling. It states to be crafted from high quality … Read the rest

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Flip Zee Girls

What is Flip Zee Girls

As per the infomercial it is a range of dolls that can turn into a baby character and then into a big girl doll. These 2-in-1 dolls come in various designs for all girls to … Read the rest

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What is Brightlings –

As per the TV infomercial it is a children’s toy with interactive ability of playing songs, repeating recording dialogues and says over 100 things.



Child’s best friend

Brightlings alleges to be a unique play … Read the rest

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Fright Factory Review

What is Fright Factory

The infomercial claims that it is a toy kit for kids that let them create frightening 3D creations from a gooey gel just by flashing light. It asserts to not use heat but work with just … Read the rest