Fun and Toys

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About My Tuggles

My Tuggles are stuffed animals that are just like real pets that can actually walk. Just pull on a leash and watch them magically move as they wiggle and waggle everywhere. What’s more? No batteries are required. … Read the rest

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Buddy Balls REVIEW

About Buddy Balls

Buddy Balls claims to be a two-in-one toy with a ball and a teddy that is perfect to toss around, hang around and hug! It is perfect for play time, sleep time and anytime! Your child is … Read the rest

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Beddie Bear

What is Beddie Bear?

Cozy comfort and warmth, Beddie Bear proclaims to be a fantastic companion for children. The hugging comfort is priceless and over 100 years people have enjoyed this feeling. It states to be crafted from high quality … Read the rest

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Flip Zee Girls

What is Flip Zee Girls

As per the infomercial it is a range of dolls that can turn into a baby character and then into a big girl doll. These 2-in-1 dolls come in various designs for all girls to … Read the rest

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What is Brightlings –

As per the TV infomercial it is a children’s toy with interactive ability of playing songs, repeating recording dialogues and says over 100 things.



Child’s best friend

Brightlings alleges to be a unique play … Read the rest

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Fright Factory Review

What is Fright Factory

The infomercial claims that it is a toy kit for kids that let them create frightening 3D creations from a gooey gel just by flashing light. It asserts to not use heat but work with just … Read the rest

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Dunkaloons Review

What is Dunkaloons:

They are specially created reusable water balloons that can lead to a lot of fun for kids, according to their claims.

Dunkaloons guarantee kids a safe way to have fun with balloon fights. And since these balloons … Read the rest

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Racin’ Rascal

What is Racin’ Rascal?

Racin’ Rascal is a 2-in-1 remote control toy and laser pointer designed to provide hours of fun and entertainment for your cat. With just a push of the button, the little mouse will start scurrying around … Read the rest