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Nerd Atomic Clock

What is Nerd Atomic Clock:

It is an alarm clock that claims to set itself so that you are always on time.
Nerd Atomic Clock promises to help you stay on top of things day in and day out because … Read the rest

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Slim Brites

What is Slim Brites:

It is super bright and flexible LED Lighting system that claims to offer you light wherever you need it.
Slim Brites has the potential of being the source of light you need in dark spots and … Read the rest

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Touch Of Eco Solar Light REVIEW

What is Touch Of Eco Solar Light

It’s a multi use solar product that attaches to different places giving you much needed light wherever you want. Touch Of Eco Solar Light claims to have many benefits for you because it … Read the rest

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Heat Surge Mini GLO

What is Heat Surge Mini GLO:

It is world’s smallest heat surge fireplace that claims to be highly efficient for your heating needs.
Heat Surge Mini GLO is meant to be breathtakingly small and a handsome addition to your interiors. … Read the rest

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Rug Brake

What is Rug Brake:

These are rug pad corners that hold rugs in place so that you won’t trip on the corners. They are easily washable and the adhesive doesn’t leave marks behind


Rug pad corners

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What is SmartSlide?

It is a handy attachment for sliding glass doors that helps you open and close them easily by pushing them without using your hands.


No more worries

Most of us tend to worry … Read the rest

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JML Miracle Flame Candles

Perfect Ambience

If you want to create the perfect ambience for a special occasion then Miracle Flame candles is what you need. These authentic-looking battery-powered candles look and feel just like the real thing; they’re made with wax and have … Read the rest

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BlissLights Spright Green

What is BlissLights Spright Green: It is a laser projector light that can add a wondrous look and feel to your surroundings.


BlissLights Spright Green can help you create that perfect ambience around your house for any special occasion. … Read the rest