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Gutter Balls

What is Gutter Balls

A leaf guard system that traps leaves and debris in their way so that your gutters will always be unclogged and the downspout will have proper drainage throughout the year.


Keeps your gutters unclogged

Gutter … Read the rest

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Magna Screen

What is Magna Screen?

It is a protective screen with magnet clasps that is put up at the entrance to allow fresh air in and keep insects out. It functions like curtains that open and close automatically so you don’t … Read the rest

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What is Dimmit?

It is an easy-to-install light controlling device that lets you dial up or down the brightness of your light bulb in the lamps to the ideal intensity. With this, you end up saving energy and extending the … Read the rest

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Sleep Smoothly

What is Sleep Smoothly?

It is a mattress mender that makes your bed even and smooth instantly when slipped under the spot where it is sagging.


Perk up your drooping mattress

Sleep Smoothly promises to indulge you with a … Read the rest

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Mattress Magic

What is Mattress Magic:

It is made using high density memory foam and promises to fix your sagging mattress instantly.
Mattress Magic claims to be a simple solution for you to be able to fix your sagging mattress quickly and … Read the rest

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Bowl Brite

What is Bowl Brite

It is a night light that claims to know when you are coming into the bathroom and whether the seat is up or down.
Bowl Brite asserts that it can be the right solution for you … Read the rest

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Santa’s Mistletoe

What is Santa’s Mistletoe:

It is live mistletoe that can be sent to your loved one on Christmas Day to bring a smile to his or her face.
Santa’s Mistletoe is something your loved one will truly treasure, according to … Read the rest

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Blow Lantern

What is Blow Lantern:

It is a LED lantern that blows on and off easily, and promises to offer you light wherever you need it.
Blow Lantern claims to be the perfect light for your needs wherever you want it … Read the rest

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Quick Cover

What is Quick Cover

It is a cover for chairs and bar stools that needs to be just stretched and spread to make old furniture look brand new within seconds.

Filthy upholstered seating turned brand … Read the rest