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Draft Doctor Review

What is Draft Doctor

It is a door guard that promises to keep your surroundings protected from the draft all through the year.

Draft Doctor maintains that it can be an effective, simple and convenient solution to guard your indoor … Read the rest

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Galaxy Laser Light

What is Galaxy Laser Light?

Galaxy Laser Light is decorative lights that proclaim to light up your house with thousands of colorful stars. Galaxy Laser Light asserts that it does not have any wires to untangle or hang and can … Read the rest

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Studio Secret Light Review

What is Studio Secret Light

It is an easy to set up light that claims to give you studio quality images and videos at home. Studio Secret Light assures you that now you can click top quality images at home … Read the rest

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Bell + Howell Clever Light Review

What is Bell+Howell Clever Light?

Bell + Howell Clever Light is an automatic light that claims to work as an emergency light, motion-sensing light, nightlight and portable flashlight all rolled into one. Bell + Howell Clever Light asserts that it … Read the rest

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Vigilamp Review

What is Vigilamp

It is a lamp that uses motion sensor technology to ensure that you have enough light whenever and wherever you need it the most.

Vigilamp maintains that now you can illuminate the dark and dimly lit spots … Read the rest

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Socket Shelf Review

What is Socket Shelf

It is a handy shelf that can be fitted right on top of any outlet at home. This makes keeping things that are often connected to the outlet easier and also helps organize items in every … Read the rest

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Glow Candles Review

What are Glow Candles?

They are flameless candles that change colour and promise to help you set the perfect ambience wherever you are quite safely. Glow Candles claim that now you won’t have to worry about the risks of having … Read the rest

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InstaLamp Review

What is InstaLamp:

It is a lamp that can be instantly added to any part of the house that needs light, without any electric outlet required.
InstaLamp asserts that it can be the perfect solution for those dark and dimly … Read the rest

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Power WOW Socket

What is Power WOW Socket

It is a power socket that claims to help you save energy and money too.
Power WOW Socket promises to be the perfect solution for many who are trying to cut down their energy consumption … Read the rest

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Luma Pots

What are Luma Pots

They are planting pots with LED technology that promise to add a big dash of colour to your surroundings.
Luma Pots assert that they can be the perfect addition to your gardens, doorways etc as they … Read the rest