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Accordion Light Review

What is Accordion Light?

Are you tired of using those old-fashioned flashlights every time the power goes out? You need your hands free but have to hold the flashlight to view what’s in front of you. Now there is an … Read the rest

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Rug Lock Review

What is Rug Lock

As per the infomercial it is a non-slip rug grip backing available in form of a spray. It keeps the rug from slipping from the floor by without ruining the floor or leaving sticky residue.

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Niteshine Review

About Niteshine

Niteshine maintains to be a solar powered Mason Jar with four ultra bright LEDs to provide accent lighting to your garden, lawn, patio or deck. Niteshine asserts that it has a convenient ON/OFF lid design and needs no … Read the rest

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Glow Show Review

What is Glow Show:

It is a complete, easy to use system that promises you your own cool, funky, glowing show on the ceiling or walls at night.

Glow Show maintains that converting your kids’ bedroom into a fun show … Read the rest

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Damp Stopper Review

What is Damp Stopper:

It is a cordless and rechargeable dehumidifier that helps you combat humidity wherever you might be, according to its claims.

Damp Stopper asserts that now you can get rid of humidity in your interior spaces quickly … Read the rest

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Ceiling Saver Review

What is Ceiling Saver

It is a stain blocker and sealer, which claims to maintain the ceilings in your homes and offices in the best possible condition.

Ceiling Saver promises to be the answer to your prayers of keeping your … Read the rest

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Freedom Wall Clock Review

What is Freedom Wall Clock

It is a wall clock that celebrates the loyal service of the man and women from the military.

Freedom Wall Clock stresses that now you can have a time piece in your home that will … Read the rest

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Divine Time Review

What is Divine Time

It claims to be a beautifully crafted timepiece that will not only beautify the walls and show time but also with every hour it will read a scripture from the Holy Bible. This way it spreads … Read the rest

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Dunbar Leather and Shoe Restore

What is Dunbar Leather and Shoe Restore

As per the infomercial it is a leather and shoe restoring formula that is easy to use and works on all types of leather colors. It states to clean, shine and protect the … Read the rest

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Magic Gate REVIEW

What is Magic Gate

It is a practically invisible mesh gate that can be used in your surroundings to keep your dog exactly where you want him to be, according to its claims. Magic Gate asserts that now you won’t … Read the rest