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Better Brella Review

What is Better Brella? It is an innovative umbrella with reverse open close technology that promises to keep you dry wherever you go.

Better Brella asserts that it’s the easiest way for you to stay dry and get in from … Read the rest

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Couch Coat Reviewed

About Couch Coat

Couch Coat asserts to be a quilted and reversible cover that prevents all kinds of stains, tears, pet hairs, and damages to the couch. Couch Coat claims to be easy to lay and tuck and just as … Read the rest

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Copper Solar Top Light Review

What is Copper Solar Top Light?

It is a wireless self charging light that will turn on at night so that you can see with ease. Copper Solar Top Light asserts that now you don’t have to worry about walking … Read the rest

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Miracle Mesh Review

About Miracle Mesh?

It claims to be a magnetic door screen that installs easily, keeps fresh air coming in and the bugs out thanks to its magnetic clamp design.

Miracle Mesh states to be the unique solution to resolve issues … Read the rest

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Recline Easy Review

What is Recline Easy –

It claims to be a revolutionary handle extension, which is designed to help extend the recliner handles in such a way that using recliners is made easier than before.


Read the rest

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Liquid Hold Review

What is Liquid Hold:

It is a grip and stay solution that can be sprayed under rugs and mats to stop them from slipping and sliding, according to its claims.

Liquid Hold assures users that now they won’t have to … Read the rest

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Extinguish Stick Review

What is Extinguish Stick:

It is the smallest and most advanced fire suppression unit in the world, according to its claims.

Extinguish Stick assures you much needed peace of mind knowing that you can be protected in case of unfortunate … Read the rest

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Alset LED Bulb From Nuwave Review

What is Alset LED Bulb From Nuwave:

It is a safe, quiet, dimmable, energy efficient bulb that claims to replace your standard bulb with ease.

Alset LED Bulb From Nuwave assures you an energy efficient source of light that is … Read the rest

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Airflow NS Review

What is Airflow NS

The TV commercial states that it is the first ever and world’s only water filtered combination of wet and dry vacuum and air cleaner and purifier. The cleaning system asserts that it doesn’t use messy dirt … Read the rest