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Magic Lights REVIEW

What is Magic Lights – As per the TV infomercial it is multicolored LEDs in a kaleidoscope to produce shimmering light effect that covers over 600 square feet. Magic Lights claims to be a better option over traditional LED lights … Read the rest

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InstaBrite REVIEW

InstaBrite Review

Amy Clarke says in her InstaBrite review – “I bought four InstaBrite units but none of them work half the time. One of the units died a week later and does not switch on. The units randomly work … Read the rest

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Handy Heater REVIEW

What is Handy Heater? As per the TV infomercial it is a compact personal heater that generates heat by simply plugging it into any outlet. Handy Heater asserts to be compact enough to carry around the house and even in … Read the rest

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Fend Review

What is Fend?

– It claims to be a revolutionary technology that helps in continuously eliminating flying insects without the need of using chemical sprays or the traditional fly squatters.


Goodbye flying insects

Fend proclaims to be a revolutionary … Read the rest

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Ever Brite Solar Light Review

What is it?

Ever Brite is a new state of the art wireless solar-powered LED light designed to shine a bright light at night. Ever Brite burns a low-level light from dusk to dawn and turns on a bright light … Read the rest

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What is it?

The Touch of ECO’s SUNSTEP solar lights is a weatherproof stainless steel rechargeable solar step light with ultra bright surface mount LEDs and a high performance solar panel.

Automatic light sensor

The … Read the rest

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Swivel Tray

What is Swivel Tray?

It is a versatile tray with advanced compact design that can swivel 360° while keeping things safe and intact. Swivel Tray promises to make all your tasks, whether little or big, really convenient and easy.

 … Read the rest